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Masterchef is one of the most popular cookery shows on BBC television. Masterchef UK is the original show that has been adapted to create several versions of the show in different parts of the world.

It is basically a game show or competition between amateur cooks who either follow cooking at home or take it as a hobby. The show is an incredible hit in UK and it is considered one of the most successful cookery shows of television. It provides a great platform to people who love to exhibit their culinary expertise.

Started in the year 1990, the show is still celebrating the talent of cooking in UK as well as in other countries such as Australia, India and USA. Masterchef recipes are also a craze among the viewers, similarly like the episodes of the show.

History of MasterChef

The original series of Masterchef began in the year 1990 on BBC television, UK. The initial run of the show was till 2000 and after that many improvisations were made in order to start the show again in 2005 with the name ‘Masterchef Goes large’. Lord Grossman and Gary Rhodes presented the show in 1990-2000 and charmed the viewers with their extraordinary persona. Both of them tried to create a comfortable connection with the contestants as well as with the audiences. They present the Masterchef recipes to the audiences with their expert comments and even throw some humorous one-liners.

Grossman and Rhodes were replaced by Greg Wallace and John Torode in the series started in 2005. This series is still running on BBC with three versions: Masterchef, Masterchef Professional that is for trained cooks and Celebrity Masterchef. All these series are equally liked by the viewers and displays some of the best Masterchef recipes.

Junior Masterchef has also been started to include 10-12 year old children as the contestants. Nadia Sawalha presented this series and she very well connects herself with junior cooks. The show uses the same set arranged for the other Masterchef series and now it has been broadcast on CBBC.

Masterchef was revamped in 2000 and returned with a makeover. Earlier it was use to telecast on Sunday afternoon, but the new series got the time slot of weeknights. The format and the time allotted for cooking had also changed. Grossman largely criticized the new format and due to which the series lasts for only one year.

Format of MasterChef

Masterchef is a cookery show to honor the great people who love to cook good food. It is known to be one of its kind gourmet competitions that have many versions and series all over the world. It was started in UK and telecast in India, Australia and America with the same name. This show is basically for amateur cooks who do not have any experience in cooking. They passionately cook food on the show, impress the judges with their recipes and fight for the title of Masterchef, the greatest cook of the country.

Masterchef recipes are not the ordinary recipes; they are blend of different cultures and cooking styles. This cookery show has changed the regular and dreary errands of cooking into an extraordinary experience that change the life. Masterchef recipes are prepared under an aggressive competition and keep the viewers on the verge.

Almost all the versions of the show has broken viewership records and successfully running till now. Since 2001, Australian Masterchef has been rated as one of the most watched program on Australian television.

The show is all about the people who can cook. From student to executive or even house wives can participate in this great show. The only thing they have to do is to cook a tasty dish otherwise game is finished. All the masterchef recipes are prepared by keeping in mind the tastes, cultures and traditions of the people and the viewers. Usually, people are recognized by their food cultures, hence all over the world masterchef recipes are taken by the people as the food in their palate.

In the show, participants have to pass different stages where they put through various challenges and compete with each other to prepare tasty dishes. This is actually an opportunity for the home-cooks to show their expertise in front of celebrity judges and professional chefs.

Masterchef is not a show that only centered on food; it includes emotions, anxiety and exceptionally high culinary tests. All the contestants are put to a test that requires some great masterchef recipes to be prepared in order to beat other contestants.

Masterchef is usually mentored by a celebrity judge and two culinary experts who are masters in their field.

In the course of the show the contestant pass some rigorous tests of cooking to broaden their culinary knowledge and sharpen their skills Usually, the winning award is something in cash or a cookery show on television, like in Masterchef India. Masterchef recipes are wonderful and presented to the audiences in an elaborated way.

The only rule for the show is ‘passionate cooking’.

Adaptions of Masterchef

  • Australian Masterchef – Premiered on Network Ten in July 2009. This show became one of the most viewed shows on Australian TV and the finale was the most watched show of the decade.
  • New Zeeland adaption – Commenced on 3rd February 2010 under the New Zeeland production on TV ONE.
  • American version – Two versions were started in America. First version was premiered in 2000 and lasts for one year. Second adaption was premiered in 2010.
  • Masterchef India – A cutting edge competition that started in 2010 and provided a great platform to some untrained cooks.
  • Other adaptions – Peru, Belgium, Sweden and Finland are some of the countries that adapted the Masterchef concept and commenced the similar cookery show on their television networks