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How'd That Get On My Plate?

How'd That Get on My Plate? -Is a food based show currently been rerun on Food Network. It deals with the various ingredients that go into the preparation of food with the host Sunny Anderson, tracing it right from the source to its ultimate destination, the plate. Anderson also gets to visit some of the bigger food production houses across the US as she brings the viewers face to face with the facts.

The show was aired on July 2008 for the first time. The series ended in October, the same year after 13 episodes. The popular series can now be viewed on Food Network channel as a re run every Sunday.

Format of How'd That Get on My Plate?

The technologies that go into the modern food are described in detail within the show. The machinery as well as the variety of industrial procedures that help in harvesting, transporting, controlling the temperatures as well as the ones that go into mixing, cutting or dicing the ingredients are all described in details within the show. The packaging fundamentals are also included in the show.

Noteworthy Episodes of How'd That Get on My Plate?

Some of the most memorable episodes have been:-

  • Eggs- Anderson visits a farm and watches the eggs being collected, packaged and graded before she takes her viewers to different locales where eggs are being used to prepare donuts and cookies.
  • Tomato- Viewers of the show learn the reason behind the green tomatoes being harvested.