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Hippy Gourmet

The Hippy Gourmet television show is aired all across the United States, on the Public Broadcasting System. The show travels around the globe, and throws light upon organic, sustainable agriculture, alternative resources of energy, and people who contribute towards improving the overall world environment.

The Hippy Gourmet show was conceptualized by James Ehrlich, in the year 2001; who till this day produces and directs each episode using an Apple Macintosh computer and the Final Cut Pro editing software. The show was piloted after being filmed at the Burning Man (an annual event in America). The film starred Bruce Brennan, who is a classically trained gourmet chef, who settled in San Francisco in 1967.

Although the show travels around the world, it is based out of the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco. Initially, the episodes were filmed at Pam Brennan’s (Bruce’s sister), restaurant kitchen known as The Herb’n Inn. The show which was only aired on San Francisco Public-access television, started spreading across the country to several other channels. In 2004, the show began to be telecast nationally.

The USP of the show is healthy recipes prepared with organic food, bringing together all the people in cooking it collectively and then relishing it together.