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Have Fork Will Travel

Have Fork Will Travel is a travelogue cum food show aired by the Food Network. The presenter, Zane Lamprey gets to travel around the world sampling the local cuisine and culture of the region. The Food Network sources emphasized that the ordinary manner of the presenter appealed to the viewers. However, this very characteristic came in for some harsh criticism too.

A number of countries including France, Brazil, Norway and Russia were visited during the duration of the show which ended after 13 episodes. The show premiered on Food Network on September 4, 2007. The very last episode featured the local cuisine of Hawaii where Lamprey sampled the local Spam and Poi along with the Loco Moco Hamburger.

Format of Have Fork Will Travel

The comedian Zane has his viewers in splits as he tries to learn strange etiquettes and customs in far off countries. While the local cuisine forms the basis of the show, Zane brings in the humor by trying to emulate the local people while eating his food.

Noteworthy Episodes of Have Fork Will Travel

The very first episode takes Zane to the Southern region of France where he gets a lesson on the variety of cheeses used in the cuisine of Provence. He also manages to amuse his viewers by describing the bouillabaisse as a ‘fishy fish’.

The 8th episode featuring Oslo sees Lamprey enjoying the midnight sun as he gorges on several forms of meat including reindeer, whale and lutefisk.