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Ham On The Street

Ham On The Street is presented by George Duran mixes cooking and comedy effortlessly. Food Network was the original channel of telecast for a total of eleven months. The show debuted in January 2006 with 26 episodes of Duran and his take on quixotic recipes being aired. No reruns of the show have currently been scheduled by the network.

The show was also seen as a humorous endeavor by the chef who tried to educate the man on the street about food. The presenter was rarely seen in the studio, preferring to mingle with the crowds in the streets instead. The participants were mostly the common people who were recruited by Duran himself and some of them were totally ignorant of the fact. Apart from clowning around and giving information about food, the host also cooked several dishes for his viewers in each episode. The recipes tried out on the show were easy to cook and good to eat.

Origin Of Ham On The Street

The show premiered on Food Network on January 26th and was well accepted by the public. The quirky take on food with Chef Duran trying out odd dishes on odd locations and equally odd combinations drew much laughter and earned rave reviews for the show. The show ended on November 29th of the same year after the telecast of 26 episodes.

Format Of Ham On The Street

The format was of a narrative style. With George Duran acting as the only host of this cooking based show, he proceeded to educate the public on the various food related facts including the science behind the process of cooking. He moved among the public in various shopping malls, restaurants and diners although he could be generally found quizzing people on the sidewalks of New York City, Connecticut and Florida. His strange experiments as well as weird food combinations were amusing. However, Duran managed to cook a few dishes by the end of each episode too.

Noteworthy Episodes Of Ham On The Street

Some of the most notable episodes have been:-

  • Gift Food- The final episode which featured cash packed gift bread and kid friendly fruitcakes.
  • Free Food- Aired as a part of Season 1, Duran shows how to eat free foods like the supermarket giveaways.
  • Insomniac Cuisine- Duran’s take on foods that induce sleep and late night dining habits.

Ham On The Street Show : Trivia

The Season 1, second episode of Ham On The Street saw Duran trying to cook an ostrich egg, sunny side up.