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Food Lovers' Guide

Food Lovers' Guide refers to the cookery show from Australia actually known as Food Lovers Guide to Australia. Produced as well as broadcast by the Special Broadcasting Service it is hosted by cookery experts Joanna Savill and Maeve O'Meara. Food Lovers' Guide recipes were showcased in the show in five seasons till 2005.

History of the Food Lovers' Guide Show

Food Lovers' Guide began in the year 1996 and lasted till 2005 with five seasons. The hosts of the show Maeve O’Mara and Joanna Savill worked as journalists with the SBS newsroom eventually associating to produce the feature SBS Eating Guides to Sydney and Melbourne. In course of its making in 1996, they happened to meet several incredible food makers and chefs of many cultures being inspired to design The Foodlovers’ Guide to Australia.

Format of the Food Lovers' Guide TV Show

Food Lovers’ Guide has the TV food presenters Joanna Savill and Maeve O’Meara travel across the Australia talking to interesting people including chefs and cooks, producers, cultivars, purveyors and providers of food with diverse cultural backgrounds sharing the common passion for cooking.

Noteworthy Episodes of the Show and Food Lovers' Guide Recipes

Popular Food Lovers' Guide recipes include :

  • Stuffed zucchini flowers where zucchini flowers are cooked in olive oil along with chopped onions, minced beef, spices and herbs.
  • Barbecued baby snapper with royal Thai paste happens to be among Thai variants of Food Lovers' Guide recipes made using whole baby snappers, shrimp paste, spices, seasonings, coriander and other herbs.
  • Sweet cheese strudel recipe (retes) is made using sour cream, sugar, eggs, salt, semolina and vanilla essence.
  • Lamb cutlets Thai style recipe infuses Thai cooking style with the regional styles using soy sauce, palm sugar, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, tamarind juice, etc.
  • Swordfish and seared scallops with asparagus makes use of swordfish fillets, asparagus spears, garlic, vinegar, watercress and alive oil in its recipe.

The Food Lovers' Guide explores and reveals craftsmanship in cookery featuring an Italian pastry chef, a juicy Peking duck and a lavish bombe from Alaska. Creative chefs featured in the show include Victoria's local creative champion George Biron and Brisbane prodigy Timmy Kemp, above all the great Singapore-born Chui Lee Luk, presently controlling one among Australia's most ground-breaking kitchens at Claude in Sydney.


Food Lovers’ Guide was adjudged as The Best Food and Drink TV Show at the World Food Media Awards of 2005.