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Food Detectives

Food Detectives is a food related show with a difference. It is based on hard scientific facts with the presenter, Ted Allen trying to dispel the myths associated with food. It airs on Food Network and is currently in its second season. The series commenced on July 29, 2008 where Allen quoted the food facts based on research conducted by the Popular Science Magazine. The Food Detectives also include the molecular biologist Dr. Adam Ruben and various assistants who go by the name of Food Techs.

Allen tries to prove his stand by conducting live experiments on the show with the aid of the Food Techs. Traditional beliefs, myths as well as several standard practices and folklore are demystified with the facts being presented in a practical manner.

It can also be viewed on Cooking Channel at present.

Origin of The Food Detectives

The very first episode was aired on July, 2008 where Allen tried to take an objective look at the well known belief that food dropped on the ground will not be tainted with microbes if it can be retrieved within 5 seconds. The format managed to hold the interest of the viewers and it became one of the most popular shows aired on the network.

Format of The Food Detectives

The show boasts of a scientific format where the presenter substantiates each claim by conducting live experiments with the aid of his assistants known as Food Techs. The Popular Science Magazine is the primary authority behind the Food technology based show while the presence of Dr. Adam Ruben manages to convince the viewers as well.

Noteworthy Episodes Of Food Detectives

Some of the most interesting and noteworthy episodes have been the following:-

  • Hangover Cures- Ted Allen and his assistants try to find out the most effective home remedies for getting rid of a hangover. Allen also questions whether the lemon wedges stuck on a glass full of beverage can be considered as safe.
  • Sleepy Turkey- Aired in Season 1, this episode dispels the myth that a lone turkey dish can induce sleep.
  • Liquid Smoke- The 5th episode of Season 2 has Ted Allen trying to find out the constituents of natural food coloring.

Food Detectives: Trivia

Ted Allen informed his viewers on Food Detectives that a majority of the people cannot distinguish between chicken, guinea pig, alligator, frog and rabbit by taste.