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Food Afternoon With Farah

Food Afternoon with Farah is a cookery show telecast across the United States, featuring Afghani, Pakistani, South-Asian and Continental dishes. The show brings to it a brand value attached to celebrity Farah Jahanzeb Khan who is a cooking expert, fashion designer, a mother and lot more. It is telecast on Geo Television and Zaiqa Television.

The show is avidly watched by the Pakistani, Indian and South-Asian diaspora in the United States. The show is shot in Urdu, and its videos can also be watched on the website – which also offers her recipes in both Urdu and English. Apart from the recipes, her shows also include cooking tips, various ways of table setting and food presentation which has developed her fan base of mainly young girls and women.

Some of her most popular dishes, demonstrated on the show are – Chapli Kebab, Arabic Chicken Shawarma Sandwich, Gulabi Chai, Creamy Dahi Baray, Chicken Tikka Boti, Suji Halwa, Stuffed Mirchi Pakoray, Lab – e – Shireen, Mutton Paye with Sheer Khurma, Papri Chat, Gol Guppay, Bread Kachori, Karahi Handi Gola Kabab, Chicken Zinger Burger, Ice Tea, Chicken Steaks with Mashed Potatoes – which prove the versatility of the hostess, with Pakistani, Afghani, South – Asian and Continental cuisine.