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Follow That Food

Follow That Food is a food based show that premiered on the Fine Living in 2002. Gordon Elliott, the host goes on a trail around the world tracing the various ingredients the required to prepare a gourmet dish. Described by the host as a journey from the ‘cradle to the plate’ he delights the viewers by explaining every step of conversion as the high quality ingredients get transformed into delicacies.

Gordon Elliott visits the exotic French dairies in his endeavor to trace the cheeses and makes a stop over at the Italian vineyards to take a look at the origin of the golden olive oil. The desserts that are famous for having the ‘melt in your mouth’ quality are found to have their origins in the Californian farms and the viewers are made aware of every fact via this documentary styled television show.

The show ended on the 30th of December 2002 and is currently enjoying a rerun on Cooking Channel.

Origin of Follow That Food

The show was aired on Fine Living on the 7th of January 2002 with the maiden episode titles as ‘Follow that Fish’. The documentary styled program featured Eliott tagging a fish all the way from the waters off Nova Scotia coast to a store in Pennsylvania where it was ready to be sold.

The entire series lasted for a single season which consisted of five different episodes. The last episode was aired in December of the same year. Cooking Channel now airs reruns of the show at 8 PM.

Format of Follow That Food

The show was filmed as a documentary at various locations. The host engages his viewers by means of a narrative with occasional conversations and interviews included within the show as well. The entire journey is described by the host as he traces a single ingredient from its source to the ultimate outcome.

Noteworthy Episodes of Follow That Food

All five episodes have been noteworthy in their own way. However, the ones that deserve a mention are:-

  • Follow That Chocolate- Gordon traces the journey of the cocoa beans right from the time of harvest to its transformation as a dessert.
  • Follow That Beer- Gordon begins his journey from the capital of Belgium and embarks on a journey that takes him through various European hops finally ending in Stella Artois, used by world renowned chefs.