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Fixing Dinner

Fixing dinner is one of the famous Canadian realty TV shows on Food Network Canada, airing on American Life in United States. The show reveals all the tips and tricks with respect to how to fix dinner. All dinner time yells and screams are sorted out in this weekly TV series by Sandi Richard as the host of the show. Sandi Richard, a cookbook author and TV show host, tries to help everyone having issues with respect to dinner time in the show “Fixing dinner”.

Many people have a complaint that they are not able to spend quality time with their families at the dinner table. Also, in some families all the members do not have dinner together. In the TV Show “Fixing Dinner”, all such problems are addressed where the host meets with a different family in each episode and explains about the various effective ways of managing the kitchen properly. All kinds of systematized cooking techniques and fixing dinner recipes are explained in the show. Also, the show explains about the several effectual ways of organizing the lives. The main motive of the show, behind imparting knowledge and information with respect to proper organization and management of personal life and kitchen, is to bring all the family members together at the dinner table to have their meals together, while having fun and enjoyment.

Features of the Show “Fixing Dinner”

Healthy and fresh fixing dinner recipes are taught in the reality show “Fixing dinner”. Also, ways of preparing tempting and amazing meals in spite of shortage of time are discussed in this show.

A standard format is followed in this reality show “Fixing dinner” where “help us” video is initially shown to the viewers, which explains about the issues that a particular family faces at dinner time. The host of the show, Sandi, goes to the family’s house for inspecting the kitchen and discussing the problem in detail. The lady host returns back to the family after a few days with a detailed menu plan. The menu plan that she reveals in front of the family can meet at least one month’s requirements of meals for a family.

The host makes use of magnets to symbolize the family members and explains about various fixing dinner recipes that each and every family member will prepare during the week.

Thereafter, a shopping trip is followed where the host recommends about ways of preparing various time saving and quick fixing dinner recipes with the help of precut vegetables and store bought sauces.

The host then allows all the family members to cook on their own as per the plans of the host. This night is termed as the “fright night” by the host.

In the conclusion of the show, “Fixing dinner”, the host returns back to the family to see how all the family member enjoy together at the dinner table. She tries to find out whether her meal plan and fixing dinner recipes have worked wonders for the family or not.