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Extreme Cuisine With Jeff Corwin

Extreme Cuisine With Jeff Corwin is a relatively new series that is currently being aired on Food Network. The series has the American nature and animal conservationist, Jeffrey Samuel Corwin hosting the show that deals with food.

The show has the host travelling all across the world trying out the different cuisines of the regions. Far off countries like Greece, Peru, Thailand and Argentina are visited by the host who samples the local cuisines and tries to learn the art of preparing them. There are quite a few surprises as well as unpleasant moments in almost every episode which makes the show interesting.

The show debuted as a one hour special program which was telecast on the 21st of February, 2009. It started running as a continuous series from July, the same year. The first season ended after a total of 7 episodes. The channel is presently airing the second season of the show which began on August 19, 2010.

Format of Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin

The format consists of the host enjoying the traditional cuisine in different parts of the world. The entire episode is depicted in the narration style with snatches of conversations with the local people thrown in. The anthropologist also indulges in adventure at times and tries out his culinary skills.

Noteworthy Episodes of Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin

Some of the most popular episodes include:-

New Zealand- Aired as a part of Season 2, this episode has Corwin diving deep into the underground river of Waitomo Caves in search of green finned eels.

Greece- Jeff is back in Greece where he milks sheep in order to make a soft toulomotyrion, a cheese that is fermented in the stomach of the goat.