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Down Home With The Neelys

Down Home With The Neelys is one of the most popular cooking shows on Food Network. The couple from Tennessee, Pat and Gina Neely are co-owners of several BBQ restaurants operating in the area. The extraordinary recipes from their restaurants are shown on Down Home With The Neelys show. The couple is shown relaxing in their sprawling Memphis residence as they get set to host the Down Home With The Neelys which is now being aired on all seven days of the week.

Surrounded by their friends and family members the Down Home With The Neelys show is noted for its easy camaraderie and a fun way of making cooking seem easy. The naughty jokes have now become a trademark of the show and considered to be an essential part along with the recipes. More than 80 episodes of the show have been aired to date.

Origin of Down Home With The Neelys

The show premiered in February 2008 on Food Network TV and soon achieved popularity by gaining reputation for being the highest rated series in the Kitchen Weekend series which was a history of sorts. It continued to earn rave reviews and is now aired on all seven days of the week. The Neelys have also appeared in a number of other food based shows aired by the network since Down Home With The Neelys became popular.

Format of Down Home With The Neelys

The format of the series is simple which shows the couple cooking their favorite recipes amidst the relaxed surroundings of their home. The Down Home With The Neelys recipes are usually dishes from the deep South of America and feature a few of the traditional favorites as well.

The couple laugh and joke together which shows the family bonding making it a huge hit with the viewers. Some of the recipes from their chain of BBQ restaurants are also aired in the 30 minute food based show.

Noteworthy Down Home With The Neelys Recipes

The TV show has been popular for its barbequed dishes cooked in the Southern style. Most of the recipes recommend using spicy meat products like various types of sausages and ribs. The most notable recipes so far have been:-

  • Creamed Collard Greens- Pat and Gina whip up a dish of Collard Greens while entertaining friends.
  • Grilled BBQ potato skins- Aptly titles as ‘Somethin Outta Nothin’, the Neelys created a tasty dish out of potato skins that get thrown away.
  • Momma Neelys Pot Roast- A delicious pot roast with vegetables cooked in the Southern style remains a strong favorite.

The Neelys Show: Trivia

The Neelys published their cookbook titled ‘Down Home With The Neelys’ in 2009 which went on to earn a position on the bestseller list of New York Times.