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Dessert First

Dessert First with Anne Thornton is a cooking show aired by Food Network. Hosted by the renowned pastry chef, Anne Thornton, the show bears her name making every recipe that she showcases as a signature dish of her own. The art of whipping up a dessert is demonstrated in an easy and affable manner with Anne Thornton.

The show premiered on 24th October 2010 making one of very few confectionary related shows on the network. Thornton was chosen as the host of the show on account of her vast experience as a pastry chef first at the Waverly Inn and then Hotel Griffou located in New York City.

The show is all about making the recipe easy to prepare at home. Thornton is able to get her point across making Dessert First one of the most watched shows on the network.

The show had been aired on Sundays and has recently completed its first season. The second season is due to be aired in April 2010.

Origin of Dessert First

It was aired for the first time on 24thb October 2010 at 12PM which had the well known TV personality, Nate Berkus gracing the occasion. The entire episode was filmed at the Preston Bailey Design Studio on 21st of October just three days before it was aired on television.

Thornton taught her viewers how to make Halloween treats that were sweet in taste. Her recipes of spooky desserts comprising of milk chocolate graveyard cake and red velvet brain cupcakes gained tremendous popularity as it was aired just a week before Halloween.

Format of Dessert First

The format is similar to other food based shows in the same genre where the celebrity pastry chef teaches her viewers the techniques of making desserts which include a number of breakfast foods as well. The entire show is in the narrative style which features Thornton chatting pleasantly with her viewers as she shares a few tips and helps them to bake like a professional.

Noteworthy Episodes of Dessert First

Some of the most popular episodes have been:-

  • Caramel- Anne shows how to drape a banana pudding pie with caramel sauce. The same sauce is used on a apple turnovers as well.
  • Anne’s Christmas- Fudge, a host of festive cookies and a peppermint ice cheese cake are the list of goodies prepared for Christmas.

Dessert First: Trivia

Food Network approached Anne Thornton for hosting the show after she was declared the winner in the sweet section category at the New York Wine and Food Festival, 2009.