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Dedemed is an online website and a YouTube channel, concentrating on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. The show is conceptualized and hosted by Denise Hazime, who through her website and interactive videos, shown on both the website and the YouTube channel, garnered popularity for her traditional recipes. She is most famous for her recipe of Hummus – a dip prepared with mashed chick peas and other ingredients.

History was founded by Denise in the year 2007, when she and her husband, shifted to California, from her hometown Michigan. A dearth of good Mediterranean restaurants in California, and their desire to eat authentic Mediterranean cuisine resulted into the launch of Originally, Denise was not formally trained in the culinary art. She acquired a degree in Chemistry and History followed by Law.

However, cooking had always been a favourite hobby for Denise. As a child, she would ardently watch popular cookery shows like ‘ Frugal Gourmet ’ on television, if not engaged in cooking with her mother. Denise, having born in a Lebanese family which is famous for its culinary tradition, learnt most of the cooking from her mother. From a very young age she was taught to cook all the traditional Mediterranean dishes, using various cooking techniques. However, commercial cooking became a part of her daily life with the rising popularity of


As already mentioned DedeMed is not a television show. Rather, it’s popularity has grown through Facebook, Twitter, the interactive videos and the authentic recipes available on her website and by featuring on many a radio shows. In any particular video, Denise demonstrates the ingredients to be used and where to find them or their more familiar names used across the United States. She then goes on to explain the procedure of cooking, while chipping in valuable information about the dish, its origin, its cultural significance and other lesser known facts. She winds up the episode by suggesting different ways of presenting the recipe to make it look more appetizing.

Interesting Show Trivia

  • Denise Hazime of has been called the queen of the mashed chickpea spread called ‘Hummus’ by The Wall Street Journal.
  • DedeMed also runs an online store selling a range of using cooking tools and Mediterranean ingredients used in their recipes not available elsewhere.
  • DedeMed is actually short for ‘ Dede’s Mediterranean Kitchen ’.
  • DedeMed was featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal and many more reputed channels.

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