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Daisy Cooks

Daisy Cooks is a half an hour cooking show hosted by Daisy Martinez. The show is aired by the Public Broadcasting System and is produced by A la Carte Communications in association with Thirteen / WNET, New York. The recipes cooked belong to Mexican, Spanish, Latin or South American cuisine.


Daisy Cooks! was first launched in September 2005, with 26 episodes, all across the United States. Daisy Cooks! is a result of Daisy Martinez’s extreme passion for cooking combined with an essence of her colourful culture. Daisy Maria Martinez is Puerto Rican by birth but was born in Brooklyn, New York, where she grew up.

Daisy dabbled in various arts before taking up cooking as her full-time passion and activity. She worked as a model and an actress before joining a culinary school. She honed her culinary skills at the French Culinary Institute, after joining it in 1998, where she was awarded the first prize for her final project. Thereafter, she worked as a prep kitchen chef for a television series; a private chef in New York city, in addition to running her ownn catering business.

Daisy’s love and passion for cooking; and her great affinity to food comes from her family. She had it in both her genes and her environment in the form of her mother and more importantly her grandmother Valentina who lived till the age of 99 years and was also her greatest inspiration.


Daisy Cooks! is similar to other cookery shows where Daisy cooks two or three recipes in each episode. What sets the show apart from other cooking shows is her vibrant food, colourful presentation, and easy to cook recipes. Her cooking method is from scratch to finish. Her cooking shows teach how to transform a most basic ingredient like rice or chicken into a mouth-watering, innovative meal.

Noteworthy Episodes

Some of the popular episodes of the show has been :

  1. Paella – here she teaches how to make this classic dish and also its quick and vegetarian version.
  2. Sweet Endings – here she cooks ‘Gypsy’s Arm’, which is a popular Latin pastry.
  3. Christmas Eve At Daisy’s – she cooks the festive dishes like Pernil, Peurto Rican Egg Nog and Rice with Pigeon Peas.


  • The show educates its viewers about various food markets and popular ingredients of Latino cuisine.
  • The episodes also advise on easily available ingredient substitutes.

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