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Cook’s Tour


Cook’s Tour refers to a food and travel show which was telecast on the Food Network channel hosted by Anthony Bourdain who drops in to exotic places and cities around the world where he is treated by the hosts with the local cuisine and culture.


History of the Cook’s Tour


The first two seasons of the Cook’s Tour were produced in 2000 and 2001 and telecast first-run in 2001 and 2002 by the Food Network, in the U.S. During the summer of 2008, the Food Network ended re-running Cook’s Tour and came out with a totally renovated website excluding all except only one reference to Anthony Bourdain beginning in March 2008 named, "Anthony Bourdain's Rant", tagged with Food Network subjects "vegetables" and "simmer". This occurred in order to combat the likely current series by Bourdain called No Reservations, on the rival Travel Channel.


Format of Cook’s Tour


Cook’s Tour showcased Bourdain’s visits including eating exotic local preparations experiencing life like a native in every country. The show was an outcome of the book A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines which concurrently shaped up into a television show over the Food Network featuring chef Bourdain. 

Bourdain's visits included Portugal, Vietnam,Russia, France, Japan, Morocco, Spain, Cambodia, French Laundry in Napa Valley and Mexico.

The title is sourced out of "Cook’s Tour," a British idiom meaning a brief or quick guide to a subject or place from the time of Thomas Cook in the 19th century.


Noteworthy Episodes of Cook’s Tour


In one episode the host tries an unusual dish as soft-boiled duck embryo containing partially formed feathers and bones as well as still beating cobra heart. Also tried by him include in-


  • The couscous, tagine and brochette were the regional specialties from Moulay Idriss, Fez, 
  • The vodka were the regional specialties from Saint Petersburg,   


  • The Season one of the Cook’s Tour featuresrecipes as follows:


Episode 1                     A Taste of Tokyo in     Tokyo

Episode 2                     Dining with Geishas    in Rural Japan

Episode 3                     Cobra Heart-Food That Makes You Manly     in Ho Chi Minh City

Episode 4                     Eating on the Mekong in Mekong River, Vietnam

Episode 5                     Wild Delicacies in Cambodia

Episode 6                     Eating on the Edge of Nowhere in      Cambodia and Japan

Episode 7                     Cod Crazy in    Portugal


  • The Season two of the Cook’s Tour featuresrecipes as follows:


Episode 1                     Food Tastes better with Sand Between your Toes in St. Martin

Episode 2                     No Beads, No Babes, No Bourbon Street        in New Orleans

Episode 3                     A Mystical World in Salvador

Episode 4                     How to be a Carioca   in Brazil

Episode 5                     Elements of a Great Bar in New York City

Episode 6                     The Struggle for the Soul of America in Minneapolis, MN

Episode 7                     The BBQ Triangle in Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina



Show Trivia


A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisineshappens to be a New York Times bestselling book by cook and author Anthony Bourdain in 2001.

The book was deemed in 2002 Food Book of the Year by the British Guild of Food Writers.