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Cooking Loft

Cooking Loft is a cooking show aired on Food Network. The host Alexandra Guarnaschelli is an executive chef at New York City’s Butter Restaurant. She helps a team of four students to learn cooking on the show.

It is basically conducted in a classroom like manner with the chef teaching her students from scratch. Some fun filled moments as well as creative, timesaving recipes are the mainstays of the show.

The premiere episode was aired on August 30 2008 and ended on the 18th of October the same year. The entire series constituted of 13 episodes was on for a single season. The channel is airing reruns of the series now.

Format of Cooking Loft

The format is basically that of a classroom where a group of students take culinary lessons from Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli. She teaches them various techniques of cooking and shares a few helpful tips with them as well. Several recipes from Michelin star restaurants are tried out at the kitchen while her students get a hands on experience in polishing their culinary skills.

Noteworthy Episodes of Cooking Loft Recipes

Some of the most notable episodes are:-

  • The Big Apple- Chef Guarnaschelli teaches how to liven up a dish with sweet and spicy apples right from starters to main courses and desserts.
  • Soup’s On At The Loft- Alexandra teaches her students how to make soups suitable for all seasons.
  • By The Slice- The students try out the Cooking Loft recipes and bake a variety of appetizing pizzas.