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Cooking For Real

The Cooking for Real show hosted by Sunny Anderson, is a TV food show aired on Food Network channel which focusses on making everyday foods in an easy way.

Cooking For Real: Show Background

Presenter Sunny Anderson was working in the Air Force before she decided to venture into TV production and media. She then began her career by hosting the show called "How’d That Get On My Plate?" in July 2008, but later in the year, she also joined the Cooking For Real food show. The concept for the show was cerebrated and the show went on to be taped in three months during which Sunny perfected the recipes which were to be demonstrated on the show.

Cooking For Real: Show Format

All of the recipes on the Cooking For Real Show are simple and easy to follow, making use of local ingredients that can be found easily. Comfort foods are Sonny’s trademark and her shows strive to make traditional and difficult-to-make foods as simple as possible. Sunny started the show by listing local flavors of the foods that she was planning to cook that day. She then demonstrated on the show how to find the ingredients, select the best of them and cook the foods. Most of her recipes are simple and easy to cook. Often during the show, Sunny reveals her personal, interesting experiences associated with the preparation of the various dishes and this keeps the interest level of the audience high. The show is now into Season 9 with steadily rising levels of popularity.

Cooking For Real Show Recipes

Although most episodes of the Cooking for Real show have been popular amongst the viewers, a few of the shows have earned the highest ratings that had the following traditional recipes to highlight, which are usually considered difficult to cook -

  • Salmon pie - This is an easier version of the casserole dish made with salmon flakes, butter, cheese, mashed potato and other vegetables and herbs.
  • Zucchini hash - This is a breakfast dish turned easy involving cooked and seasoned onions, zucchinis, squashes and chives.
  • Strawberry fields ice cream float - This complicated dessert incorporating strawberry fruits, ice cream and syrup, is made easy and quick by Sunny, ready to be served in only 35 minutes.

These recipes were then further adapted to make the resultant dish lower in calories while still retaining the good taste and ease of preparation.

Cooking For Real Food Show: Trivia

Sunny Anderson is not a trained chef and she initially worked as a Radio presenter. She was interested in food and when she was invited for the EMERIL Live show, her interest in cooking was born while interacting with Chef Emeril Lagasse, who was the guest celebrity chef in the show. After the interview, she was approached for the How’d That Get On My Plate Show which launched her career as a cook on TV and she soon became a household name with the Cooking for Real show.