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Chic And Easy

Chic And Easy is a simple cookery show hosted by first time TV presenter Mary Nolan. Chic And Easy debuted on the Food Network and is running on the network at present. Nolan highlights the fact that good food comprises of tasty and flavorful dishes that do not have to be expensive. Creating the right sort of ambience is also one of the points emphasized in show with Mary Nolan.

The host helps the viewers learn innovative and authentic recipes that can be prepared easily. Almost all the dishes are high on flavor with Nolan also providing helpful hints and tips to her viewers. The ingredients used are fresh and easily available usually and every episode features Nolan getting set to prepare a meal that looks sophisticated but is simple to cook in reality.

The show is aired every Sunday morning on the Food Network channel.

Origin of The Chic And Easy Show

The show debuted on 18th May 2008 with the Team Bonding Brunch episode where Mary prepares egg pies, fruit salad and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. She even gets to serve a cocktail drink in order to improve the bonding between the touch football team members.

Format of Chic And Easy With Mary Nolan

The host, Mary Nolan is the single presenter of the TV show where she skillfully puts together the items that she has found in a flea market or a yard sale together to create a ambience just right for a sophisticated dinner gathering. She also creates tasty and flavorful dishes which are affordable yet look like gourmet fare. Her recipe based on a single splurge ingredient has achieved popularity as have her posh party recipes and dishes suitable for a ‘Ladies Only’ soiree.

Noteworthy Chic And Easy Recipes

Almost all the episodes have gained popularity. Some of the more notable ones amongst them are:-

  • Think Globally Eat Locally- Nolan prepares three international dishes with local ingredients.
  • Posh Picnic- Mary helps to create a sophisticated yet easy to prepare menu for a picnic.
  • Here’s To The Ladies Who Lunch- Mary Nolan gets to serve a light and low calorie lunch which is rich in flavors and taste.

Chic And Easy: Trivia

Mary Nolan was offered the opportunity to host Chic And Easy on basis of her audition video for ‘The Next Food Network Star’ show.