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Chefography is a television series about the personalities who have worked with Food Network making it into a successful channel. The show features both chefs as well as non chefs associated with the network.

The show premiered on March 13th 2006 and is a returning series at present being aired for five seasons now. It is a kind of news documentary featuring a number of interviews with the food personality’s family and friends. Business associates as well as colleagues and fans are often allowed to have their say as well which helps the viewers to form a well balanced impression of the personality in question.

Scripps network, the owner of Food Network shifted it to the Cooking Channel in 2010. The show had also been aired on Food Network, Canada.

Renowned Food experts like Julia Child, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen along with their peers have been featured in the show.

Origin Of The Chefography Series

The show began airing on the 13th of March 2006 with a biography of Emeril who made Food Network a success almost singlehandedly. The viewers were regaled with information from his childhood, professional as well as personal life. His achievements as a TV star were also brought to the forefront.

Format of Chefography

The nature of the show is very similar to a documentary with interviews forming a prominent part of every episode. Apart from the family and friends of the star, the channel also airs the views of Food Network executives with the impression of Bob Tuschman, the vice president of programming for the channel being featured more than once especially when the personality on air happens to be a big name in the world of food.

The first four seasons were aired regularly special programs on each day of a specified week. It was usually an hour long program often continuing into the second hour in case of a double header.

Season five was aired sporadically on Cooking Channel mostly as Thursday Specials.

Noteworthy Episodes Of Chefography

The Neely’s, Guy Fieri, Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis were some of the most popular personalities featured on Chefography.

Chefography: Trivia

An episode was filmed on Robert Irvine but got scrapped due to the controversy about Irvine.