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Chef Abroad

Chef Abroad debuted on Food Network Canada in 2008 and concluded after 26 episodes in 2009. It features the well known Canadian chef, Michael Smith taking the viewers on an adventure around the globe. Food features prominently in the series in the form of Chef Abroad recipes.

It was aired on Fridays and Saturdays. The first season concluded with the airing of thirteen episodes, each focusing on adventures by Michael Smith, the host. Each of its episodes were also recorded in a different country.

The various recipes as well as the main show is a take off on the Chef At Large series, a show hosted by Smith earlier.

Origin of the Chef Abroad Recipes

The show was aired initially on the 3rd of October, 2008 and is the fourth television show hosted by Michel Smith. It is an expansion of his earlier show titled, Chef At Large which went on to become the highest rated cookery show on Canadian TV.

The first season achieved immense popularity prompting the makers of the show to go for a second season which commenced on September 4th 2009. The last episode of the show featured several recipes from Hawaii.

Format of the Chef Abroad Show

The format is somewhat unique and based on the culinary adventures undertaken by its host Michael Smith. Suspended at the end of a cable while taking stock of the recipes in Cape Town or having to eat a formal dinner atop an elephant in Botswana are some of the amazing adventures that were aired in the series.

The unique format focuses on food despite having its dramatic moments. The host Michel Smith was quoted describing his adventures and his quest for food in amazing situations as the best job in the world.

Noteworthy Chef Abroad Recipes

  • Bedouin/Jordan- The show discovers the secret food of the Nomads as he travels into the deserts of Jordan accompanied by a royal Prince.
  • Aircraft Carrier- Chef Smith join the Aircraft Carrier in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean and learns the art of handling the kitchen there.
  • Google Food- The chef joins the Internet Search engine kitchen and learns how its chefs prepare unique, innovative dishes with fresh ingredients every day.

Chef Abroad: Trivia

Full episodes of Chef Abroad can be viewed online as well.