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Calling All Cooks

Calling all cooks is a television based cookery show. It is produced by Weller/Grossman Productions and telecast on TV Food Network.

History of the Calling All Cooks Recipes Show

Calling all cooks began in the year 1999 commencing its first season lasting for a year. The show was produced by Robb Weller, Gary H. Grossman and Jeffrey L Goldstein.

Format of the Calling All Cooks Show

The basic idea behind the show is that the makers feature people's kitchens entering into them where they make (along with a presenter) a recipe they are famous for in their immediate social circles, family or community. The shooting has mostly taken place in different segments all over the country, shot at several exotic locations targeting eight initial areas to focus attention initially including Southern California. The hosts who present this show Hosts Cathy Ballou and Eric Boardman travelled extensively over the United States in search of talented home chefs who possess recipes to share with viewers.

Noteworthy Episodes of the Calling All Cooks Show

The episodes showcase featuring many fabulous Calling all cooks recipes.

Blue Ribbon Cook :This was an episode where a woman won over 70 blue ribbons for cooking featuring garlic chicken pasta and lemon mousse cheesecake.

Armenian Pizza or Maklooba is a palatable food of its kind spicing up Armenian flatbread pizza, rice casserole and chicken.

Bott Boi and Shoofly Pie features Chicken BottBoi and Shoofly pie.

Popular Calling all cooks recipes include –

  • Lebanese Leg of Lamb made using Onion Soup along with Stuffed leg of lamb.
  • College Club Rushville Sandwich is among popular Calling all cooks recipes

which includes Burmese soup and sandwich.

  • Crab Fest and Cacciatore are exotic Calling all cooks recipes on the occasion of Maryland crab festival including chicken cacciatore soup.
  • Barbecue Corned Beef and Braciolatini are fulfilling dishes made using Barbecue corned beef and cabbage and summer squash Parmesan and braciolatini.
  • Rack of Lamb and Mandelbrot Biscuit are associated Calling all cooks recipes for Flour Town, Pennsylvania and almond biscuits from Phoenix.


"Calling All Cooks" show dropped into Ted & Lisa's house on March 12th. It was shot using "low-tech" shots with an inexpensive digital camera.