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Boy Meets Grill

Boy Meets Grill is a cooking show aired on Food Network TV. It is presented by the noted food expert and television presenter Bobby Flay who gets down to the grilling basics. This show premiered on television on the 17th of May 2003 and ended a good four years later in 2007.

The show is meant for people who have had some experience in the kitchen. Flay gets down to the very basics of grilling and even gives away a few tips on how to grill properly. A number of locations from New York rooftops to a proper dining area form the background of the show.

The recipes include every kind of ingredient suitable for grilling including meats, shellfishes and even an occasional dessert.

Origin of Boy Meets Grill Recipes

The thirty minutes duration show commenced on 17th May 2003 and ended four years later after having gained popularity. The show, however, is being aired on ETC, Lifestyle, Philippines TV as well as the Israeli Food TV network at present.

Format of Boy Meets Grill

The Chef Flay visits some of his favorite spots in the New York City in order to search for the ingredients which must be exactly right for the recipes. A food expert noted for his grilling and barbequing techniques, Flay, takes the public on an adventure course providing prominent twists to the ordinary commonplace dishes. The grilled dishes become easy to cook although none of them are quite that simple.

Searching for the ingredients and taking along a friend to aid him have become a part of the show. Bobby Flay also highlights the areas from which he has drawn inspiration while grilling the dishes.

Entertaining in style while cooking outdoors is the main theme although some of the grilling episodes occur indoors as well.

Noteworthy Boy Meets Grill Recipes

Some of the most noteworthy recipes are:-

  • Firehouse Grill- Bobby Flay cooks up an Italian feast for the firemen.
  • Viva Argentina- Flay attempts to grill popular Argentinean dishes with several types of pepper, Chimichurri and quail.
  • Tandoori Style- The host of Boy Meets Grill proceeds to grill squid in the Tandoori style of South Asia.

Boy Meets Grill: Trivia

Almost 125 recipes from the Boy Meets Grill show have been compiled and published in the form a cookbook.