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Bitchin' Kitchen

Bitchin' Kitchen is a TV show in the rock and roll style. Hosted by the popular comedienne and chef Nadia G. the show is a funny take on everyday situations that prove to be worrisome. Nadia, however, takes them in her stride and makes them entertaining by celebrating each stressful moment with her unique brand of recipes.

It is currently being aired by Food Network, Canada and Cooking Channel. The idea of the television show was taken from 3 minute Internet video clips of the same name.

Nadia showcases certain recipes which help to tide over the recession. Her ‘Break Up Brunches’ along with the ways to impress the In Laws with food have gained tremendous popularity making it one of the most successful shows being aired on Cooking Channel at present.

The viewers of the show were allowed to interact with the host through a live blogging event on Food Network, Canada’s official website during its premiere.

Origin of The Bitchin' Kitchen Recipes

The show was converted into a full fledged 13 episode television series from web episodes of 3 minutes duration which were only available online. It premiered on the 1st of April on food Network, Canada with Nadia G. taking center stage with the maiden episode of the TV series named ‘Deflate Your Mate’. Nadia puts forward three low calorie recipes which are full of flavors in this episode.

Format of Bitchin' Kitchen

Nadia G. , the host is the star of the show and she inspires her viewers to whip up original dishes for every situation in life. From making up to breaking up there are recipes for every eventuality with even anxious ridden moments having their share of comfort food to fall back on.

The décor of the sets provide humor as well and the host herself gets to appear wearing three inch, cherry red stiletto heels armed with a tea towel made from chain mail. Fresh organic ingredients are used in the show and a bunch of misfit food correspondents inject additional humor in the comic food series. The host seems to have an answer to every problem which she terms as ‘Nadvice’.

Noteworthy Bitchin' Kitchen Recipes

Some of the most memorable episodes are:-

  • Anxiety Soups- Nadia cooks a traditional chicken broth for anxiety and transforms them into Italian and Aztec soups.
  • Recession Recipes- The host whips up low cost dishes that are high on flavor and taste.
  • Break Up Bonanza- Nadia showcases how to sever a relationship successfully by pampering the soon to be ex with food.
  • The Selfish Spread- Food for the self or food to pamper the ego is dished up by Nadia G. in the form of Panko shrimp and strawberry aioli.
  • Furious Foods- Nadia reveals the secret of boosting up the energy when infuriated.

Bitchin' Kitchen: Trivia

The web series of Bitchin' Kitchen has won the title for being the ‘Favorite Mobile Series’ as well as the Hottest Emerging Digital Brand in Canada.