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Big Daddys House

Big Daddy's House is a traditional cooking show presently being aired on Food Network. On its sixth season now, it had started of as an award for the winner of the fourth season of ‘The Next Food Network Star’. Aaron McCargo, Jr., the winner of the reality series was given an opportunity to host his very own cooking show on the channel which resulted in the airing of the show. The series commenced in 2008 and went on for six episodes in the first season.

McCargo, the presenter left his job as an executive chef in order to host to his own show on Food Network. The recipes showcased on the series were meant to give the viewers an opportunity to learn how easy and enjoyable it was to create tasty and flavorsome foods. McCargo handled the show in a casual offhanded style with fun being one of the chief elements of the show.

The show received rave reviews and achieved tremendous popularity. However, the bulk of the viewers turned out to be African Americans which prompted the network to try and capture a more diverse kind of viewership. It got a fresh lease of life with its second season going on air soon. The popularity soared making it a returning series with the sixth season currently being telecast now.

Origin of The Big Daddy's House Recipes

The family oriented cookery show, Big Daddy's House commenced on 3rd August 2008 as an award given to the winner of the reality show ‘The Next Food Network Star’. The easy demeanor and excellent cooking tips made the show a hit which was voted as the most popular kitchen style show aired on a weekend. It returned for a second season in January 2009. Presently on its sixth season, Big Daddy House continues to maintain a steady viewership.

Format of Big Daddy's House

Aaron McCargo, Jr. struck a chord with his viewers especially those of Afro-American origin when he started teaching how to bring in the bold flavors into the kitchen. His expert tips and innovative recipes are family oriented and considered to be a fun way to spend the weekend.

Noteworthy Big Daddy's House Recipes

The very first episode of Big Daddy's House where McCargo rustles up a dream dinner was received warmly by the audience.