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Best Recipes Ever

Best Recipes Ever is a Canadian food show aired on CBC Television. It debuted on the 4th of January 2010 and is ongoing at present. It is a joint production effort between the television channel and the Canadian Living magazine.

It is hosted by Kary Osmond, a relatively new entrée on television. The recipes shown are simple with three recipes being showcased in each episode of the show. The highlight of the show is a specific theme attached to each of the episodes and Osmond demonstrates the technique of preparing three different dishes belonging to the category.

The show has already completed its first season successfully and is currently in its second season. It is a daytime show being aired on the 3 PM slot of CBC Television. The concept behind the show is to solve the food related dilemmas of the Canadian citizens. Almost all the recipes that are demonstrated on the television show have been tried and tested before and are easily prepared with no fancy ingredients being involved.

Origin of Best Recipes Ever

It debuted in January 2010 and has already been aired for 130 episodes. The afternoon show also shows the amateur Canadian cooks how to prepare food with affordable ingredients. Currently in its second season, it continues to remain popular with the general public of Canada.

The very first episode demonstrated how to create three popular yet tasty dishes with meat and potatoes, a favorite food combination in Canada and US. The Family sized T-steak, Baked Broccoli and potato combination along with the familiar Caesar salad helped the show to garner up an impressive viewership.

Format of Best Recipes Ever

Kary Osmond debuted as the host along with the show on CBC TV. She is a food professional who had been given access to the vast database of Canadian Living’s database pertaining to the everyday recipes.

The show has a no fuss and simple format where Osmond demonstrates the proper way to cook an everyday dish based on a specific theme. There are several tricks and tips shared by the host of Best Recipes Ever too along with some excellent cost saving ideas while making food at home.

From simple wholesome fare for the family to the trick of rustling up a quick meal for unexpected guests, Kary Osmond demonstrates her skills making the show one of the most popular cookery shows on Canadian television.

Noteworthy Episodes of Best Recipes Ever

  • Best TV Dinner- The host showed the process of preparing dinners that can be eaten on a tray in front of the TV.
  • 20 minutes Main- Three main dishes that are both healthy and quick to make.
  • Fridge Clean Out Dinner- Kary shows an innovative way of cleaning out the refrigerator and squeezing another dinner out of the leftovers.
  • Energy snacks- Episode 23 of the first season of Best Recipes Ever showed the host preparing three nutritious, power packed snacks, ideal for taking along to a game or a practice match.
  • Cook Like A Pro- Another episode that notched up the viewership considerably revealed three ‘Tested till Perfect’ recipes which looks professional but are easy to make.
  • Bridal shower Treats- The very last episode of Season 1 featured four traditional sweet as well as savory recipes instead of the customary three.
  • Best Pizza Night- Kary stunned her viewers by demonstrating how to make a pizzeria style pizza right from the dough and sauce to the toppings.
  • Pub Favorites At Home- The host demonstrates how easy it is to make classic pub snacks at home.
  • Childhood Favorites- Kary Osmond prepared Sloppy Joes and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in this episode of the second season which have been listed as all time favorites of children and adults alike.
  • All Day Breakfast- Three breakfast foods that can be eaten during any time of the day, dinner included.
  • Apart from the simple recipes, the show, also includes a host of tips which give the viewers an idea of how to save time and money while cooking food at home. Some of the most popular tips shared by the host Kary Osmond so far include how to choose fresh fish, uses of coconut milk and the necessary steps required to plan an impromptu party.

Best Recipes Ever: Trivia

  • The recipes that are shared with the viewers in the Best Recipes Ever show are listed in the huge database of Canadian Living magazine which is 30 years old.
  • The Canadian Living website provided a preview of the show online just before the series debuted on television.