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Barely Cooking

Barely Cooking is a Canadian television show that aired in 2003. It was unique and provoked viewer interest and antagonism alike. It showed the chefs cooking in the kitchens wearing only their aprons and hinted at the nudity.

The series is aired late at night on Cityty and SexTV on account of the nudity. It has also been depicted as the Naked TV show by critics.

The various episodes of the show featuring a number of recipes can also be viewed online for free.

The show debuted on the 15th of February 2003 on both the channels. The show was a novelty and was watched by amateur cooks and curious viewers.

It ended after 22 episodes.

Format of Barely Cooking Show

The show focused on the food aspect but the format of the show which had a pair of chefs alternating each week had little to cover their bodies with except strategically placed Hadaka aprons. Murray Bancroft and Dena Ashbaugh hosted the show along with Gennaro Iorio and Eva DeViveiros.

Noteworthy Barely Cooking Recipes

Some of the most noteworthy episodes were about Body Painting with food, An adult dinner party, Saucy Sauces and Food and Fun. Several episodes of the series were also attributed to the Asian cuisine. The last episode, titled, ‘Food and Sex in Advertising’ was aired on the 31st of May 2003.

Barely Cooking: Trivia

It was supposedly inspired by the title of ‘Naked Chef’ given to Jamie Oliver although it did not have anything to do with nudity.