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At The Table With

At The Table With is a television show that debuted on Food Network, Canada and is currently being aired on Cooking Chanel as well . The show was first aired in 2007 and has been broadcast for a total of three seasons now.

Each episode of the show features a renowned chef and gives the viewer an insight into the life of the food professional. The show is a kind of biography which focuses on the food. Various recipes are also shared by the food expert on the show.

Origin of ‘At The Table With’ Recipes

The show commenced on 1st of October 2007 in Canada. It was first aired by the Food Network, Canada and went on for 3 seasons which included a total of 39 episodes. The very first episode eatured the culinary genius, Susur Lee who regaled the audience with amusing anecdotes of his life and the reasons for his choosing the profession of a chef.

The recipes featured in the maiden episode of the show included the signature dish of Singaporean Slaw Salad by the Chef Susur Lee who also shared two of his other popular recipes.

Format of At The Table With’ Show

The format is biographical in nature with a single chef being featured in an episode. The Chef in question tries to engage the viewers by recounting important milestones of his/her career and life. The format is of a conversational style with topics outside the food arena being discussed as well. The childhood, love life and various other amusing incidents make an interesting mix and help in keeping the viewers engaged.

The recipes include several signature dishes or popular dishes associated with the concerned food expert.

Noteworthy Episodes And At The Table With Recipes

  • Season 1, Episode 2 of ‘At The Table With’ featured the 74 year old Indian food expert, Madhur Jaffrey.
  • The iconic Charlie Trotter was also a part of Season 1 and shared his knowledge of preparing the Wakame Sushi Rolls which was included among the ‘At The Table With’ recipes.
  • Cat Cora, the chef from Mississippi spoke about her fight for survival against many odds in the Second Season of At The Table With’.
  • The White House chef Art Smith was one of the guests of ‘At The Table With’, Season 3

At The Table With: Trivia

‘At the Table with Anthony Bourdain’ was a television show that featured on Travel Channel in 2008. It was frequently confused with the chef based show ‘At The Table With’.