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Aarti Party

Aarti party is a food show on Food Network channel. The show is hosted by Aarti Sequeria. Aarti is best known as the winner of the season 6 of “The Next Food Network Star”. In her show Aarti party, she displays some famous American dishes with some simple but distinct Indian flavors.

Almost all Aarti party recipes are influenced by the Indian food culture and the ingredients. The base of the dishes is American, but the overall presentation and the resultant dish is completely altered by keeping Indian cuisine in mind.

Aarti party is a complete entertaining show with some delectable dishes prepared by Aarti in a playful way. Aarti party recipes are blessings especially for the home cooks all over the world.

History of Aarti Party

Aarti perceived the idea for ‘Aarti Party’ at the time when she was participating in ‘The Next Food Network Star’. The concept is quite similar to the online cooking show hosted by her during 2008-2010 called ‘Aarti Parti’. Premiered at Food Network on 22nd August, 2009, the show was a huge success in its first season.

For the second season, the show was further renewed with 13 more episodes and started in December 2010.

Format of Aarti Party

Aarti party is a quite simple and interesting food show that is especially designed by keeping in mind the home cooks. Usually, home cooking requires simple ingredients that can make unique and distinctive dishes and this is what all Aarti Party Recipes provide.

Weather it is pulled pork or basic chicken sandwich, Aarti spruces up everything with her culinary style and simple ingredients. With her cooking skills she even takes the basic lentils and puddings to a new height through her show.

Usually, the Aarti Party Recipes are based on Americans favorite foods, but the whole thing is prepared with Indian Influences. Aarti being an Indian by birth, is quite close to Indian cooking style, hence her all cooking involves Indian flavors and ingredients. In her show Aarti Party as well, she tries to display the Indian cooking style to the Western audiences. This amalgamation of Indian and American foods is well-liked by the people in America.

Popular Aarti Party Recipes

  • Broccoli and dill raita slaw – It is a kind of dip prepared by Aarti at Aarti Party. This is an easy to make dish with Indian as well as American touch.
  • Baked samosas with mint chutney – In India, this dish could be a simple snack, but for Americans it is really a delight. Baked version is healthy as well.
  • Strawberry basil yogurt cooler – Indian lassi is transformed into western drink by adding a dash of fresh strawberries. This is the magic of Aarti Party.