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40 A Day

40 A Day is a food show that combines traveling and food in a single show hosted by famous chef Rachel Ray. The show is also popular by the name ‘$40 a day’ that matches with the original concept of the show.

Host Rachel Ray is also the composer of 40 a day. She is herself a culinary expert and with her experience she travel to American and European destinations in the show. The tips and hints given by the Ray related to the food is the highlight of 40 dollars a day.

History of $40 a Day

40 a day was premiered on 22nd April 2002 on Food Network and completed till now 77 episodes with great success. This is the Rachel Ray’s second food show on Food Network after ’30 Minute Meals’. The production of this successful show is with Hiatus.

40 dollars a day is a 30 minute show that exhibits the local cuisines of various places with the expert knowledge of Rachel Ray. This is her concept that turns into a reality with the help of Food Network and the producers of the show.

Format of 40 Dollars a Day

The basic concept of 40 a day is to have a meal at different locations with in a small budget of $40. Rachel ray herself visit the local restaurants and eateries in her one-day trip to various American as well as European cities. Non-food activities and other leisure activities are not included in her budget.

While touring the cities she manages to reach the restaurants with the help of local people. In her list, fast food joints are strictly prohibited. According to her, visiting the national fast food chains is a cheating on the show. In 40 a day, Rachel not only recommends the eating joints, but she also tells minute details about the city she is visiting. Her bargain skills are wonderful and she tells the audience about how to bargain while traveling. The actual motto of her show 40 a day is to save money and not to over spend on eating.

In her small budget, Rachel manages to have three meals and some snacks in a day.

Highlights of $40 a Day

40 a day is a show that is all about food and traveling, hence there are many interesting places that are visited in the show. In each episode, Rachel visit to a pace with her $40 budget and try to spend her day with in that budget itself. The most interesting visit was Vancouver, British Columbia, when Ray completed her eating in just $25 USD. This amount also includes the tips and various taxes. That was really cheap as compared to Philadelphia and Arizona, where she go over budget.

Various Island locales were also included in her list of places to visit. Bermuda and Antigua were the Islands that usually accept $US, therefore it was easy for Rachel to shoot 40 a day at these places. The most interesting part of 40 a day was when Rachel had not visited Europe since the value of $US had fallen down from the Euro.

40 Dollars a Day Trivia

In first Miami episode in 40 a day, Rachel accidentally spends half of her money on her second meal and she managed somehow to stay on budget.