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Ten Restaurants Voted The Best New Entries In America!

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Although with the likely credit crunch due to recession, it is surprising to see that the restaurants worldwide have not been badly affected; thanks to the busy life and the related stress factors that people find just eateries a place to beat their stress, be with their loved ones and enjoy a plate of good food in peace!

It is always true that people invite change; the lengthy-list of new restaurants that has hit America is a proof of it. Finally, the good old restaurants are giving way to the off-beat newcomers, where the watchword is simplicity, coupled with good authentic food, friendly service and above all a feel of responsibility towards their customers and environment at large.

I came across a very interesting article that had a list of 2009’s top ten new restaurants in America; you might well be happy to see a few of your choice listed here. Also, here is your chance to bump into any of those new restaurants, which you thought wasn’t worth it, but in real is not actually so.

Enjoy reading and happy dining!

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Ten Restaurants Voted The Best New Entries In America!