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Finding A Good Thai Restaurant In Chiang Mai Thailand

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Chiang MaiIf you are going to visit the Chiang Mai Thailand anytime soon, you need to read this blog to the end as it will help you identify a good Thai restaurant from among the hordes of restaurants available on the island. After you become adept in finding a good Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand, don't forget to read about the low-carb options to pick at a Thai restaurant.

The Thai restaurants work only on one principle, "Why stay home and cook when you can get delicious, ready-to-eat food that is cheaper than cooking at home?" Well, who are we to complain, so read on:-


1) The Vendors


Before telling you about the restaurants, let us talk about the vendors. Choose a vendor carefully for you do not want to end up with stomach cramps. Many tourists go to Thailand, especiallly Chiang Mai, and complain that they had stomach problems after eating food from a vendor. However, that does not mean you cannot eat from a vendor. Just choose your options wisely and carefully.


2) Taste Reigns Supreme


While choosing a good Thai restaurant, the first thing you need to keep in mind is taste. During the lunch hour or dinnertime, look for a restaurant that is full of customers. If the food doesn't taste good or people get sick often, the restaurant won't have any customers. If the restaurant is full of customers, you know the food is prepared to your taste buds.


3) Check Hygiene


At a restaurant, the meat should not be hanging for too long because most people get stomach problems from food that has been sitting out for too long. Look for fresh food only. Besides, the ambience should be neat and clean. The table cloth must be clean, not dirty or spotted. 


4) Choose Wisely


Some Thai restaurants do not have a menu and they specialize only in a certain type of food, be it noodle dishes or rice dishes. The menu will be written on a wall poster. Once you give your order, the waiter or waitress should repeat it back to you. 


5) Are you in a hurry?


In case you are in a hurry, it may not be a good idea to visit a restaurant. Instead, settle down for a vendor's stall as they also prepare excellent Thai food but at a faster speed.


If you want a starting point at finding a good Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai Island, here is where you can start from:- Chiang Mai Lan Ahan Reampae or Chiangmai Floating Restaurant. Do share with us any ideas regarding some more tips to identify good restaurants on the island.

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Finding A Good Thai Restaurant In Chiang Mai Thailand