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How Pav Bhaji is Made at a Stall at Juhu Chowpatty in Mumbai

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This video shows how "Pav Bhaji", a very popular street food in India, is made. It has been shot at midnight at one of the food stalls (called "Chandan Laxmi Pav Bhaji and Fast Food") at Juhu Chowpatty Beach (the most famous among places selling Pav Bhaji) in Mumbai, India. Juhu is a suburb in Mumbai famous for its beach, the food stalls, Prithvi Theatre and ISKCon temple and also because it is home to some of the biggest Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. The video has no actual footage of the beach or the sea since it was dark and was raining heavily...had to save my camera! This is a first in a series of videos on Juhu which is a hot favourite destination with every tourist visiting Mumbai.

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Pav Bhaji Recipe
Do you wanna prepare Pav Bhaji for your family? It is a very popular food in India that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Watch out the video shot by Vikas and learn how to make delicious Pav Bhaji.

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Co-Hosts: Hetal and Anuja Yummy...
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yes it is! you can have pav bhaji anywhere in the world but eating it at chowpatty amongst the colourful crowd and bustling music is a different experience altogether. (i shot the first experience with a camcorder)
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great work raavi - good to see you man on ifood - you guys rock Bon Appetite!
admin's picture
Fabulous. Great Video, nicely made.
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thanks. i worked hard on this one. shot, edited, dubbed and posted in less than 20 hrs.
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Looks great!
vikas.kumar's picture
...and tastes great too! it's'll love the bhaji...and though it's made of basic vegetables, you can never truly guess what all's gone into it!
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vikas, you rock - this is great - you can be a great food show host! Bon Appetite!
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vikas - please add the desciption of the shop and where juhu is in the video description box - with some more information about this place so that i can check it out when im in india Bon Appetite!
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Mindblowing...... Great anchoring.... Great shooting.... Great Editing.... and Great Eating
vikas.kumar's picture
Having worked hard on the video...seeing your's a Great Feeling!
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amazin !
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looks great and must taste even better..................don't forget to take me there when i m mumbai next.....
vikas.kumar's picture
anytime...let me know when you are here next...and welcome to ifood!
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I really loved the video. It was only while watching the video that I realized how hungry it made me. Can't wait to reach Chowpatty and simply enjoy it. good work. And thanks for the recipe too.
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thanks. try following the recipe in the text (its more home-kitchen friendly)...not the one in the video (only stalls have suge tavas!)
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A very tasty video!!! If you're not hungry, all you need to do is watch this'll get you salivating.
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like your comment (tasty video!!). well, you're right...for its very look, it's difficult to refuse a helping of pav bhaji.
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Hello Vikas, This is a wonderful recipe video. I tried this Pav Bhaji at home and it came out exactly how we eat in Mumbai. Keep up the good work, and yes I would like to visit Juhu stalls through your eyes! Rupen
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Hi Rupen, Thanks! Will definitely post more videos from juhu and other places in mumbai... Vikas
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Simply Splendid ... You Rock dear...
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Its fabulous... U look cool man in an Anchor role..
sharath's picture
hi cow a job well done hope to see some more from u
vikas.kumar's picture
thanks! will be posting some interesting post very soon... happy eating, KAU (not COW)!
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Great video! I like how you shared the taste of the food with the viewers, I felt like I was there! Nicely done! Tamara
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Hey Vikas, Great video!! Great job in anchoring, editing, dubbing and of course the camera work by Ravi. I was having quite different idea of making Pav Bhaji but now I guess I have got the real recipe and tomorrow going to have this in breakfast:) Waiting for some more great videos from you. Best wishes! Alok
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thanks! you could go to the recipes tab and watch this video. it gives the method that would be easier to follow at home. the one in the video is mainly for stalls... happy eating!
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vikas Great Video.....!
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Veer!
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very well anchored...didn't really look at the pav bhaji...i thought your presentation was very good...please give us more such videos.
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks...but please, do also look at whats cooking...the site is about food.. :)'s picture
Nice video. Comprehensively yet simply shown. Vikas may be you can go ahead with this stuff. Nice anchoring.
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pav bhaji...pav bhaji..pav bhaji..pav bhaji........keep reciting till u guys come to india..bcoz the real taste is here..try ur hard luck u wont be able to get asli pav bhaji ka taste anywhere else...pav bhaji..pav bhaji...pav bhaji..pav bhajii.....
vikas.kumar's picture
pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...pav bhaji...
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more please!! :)
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wonderfull. pav bhaji is my fav. dish. and after watching this video watering in my mouth.
manushishah's picture
wonderfull. pav bhaji is my fav. dish. and after watching this video watering in my mouth.
manushishah's picture
thanx vikas, when i cook pav bhaji at home but it's taste naver like res. pav bhaji so thanks i 'll cook like this.
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Thanks Manushi. It's actually very difficult to replicate at home the taste that you get at these stalls. I've posted the same video in the recipes section. The ingredients and method given there is more suitable for home cooking. Happy Eating!
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Thanks vikas....Your video just took me back to my hometown "Mumbai"! I absolutely love the street-side pavbhaji and its impossible to find the same taste anywhere else in the world. Pls post some more videos with inside secrets of the vendors in mumbai with other favourites like bhelpuri, vadapav etc....
vikas.kumar's picture
Hi! I've been away from Mumbai for some time...for work and otherwise. Now I'm Back and hope to shoot some more interesting stuff...
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This is the best Pav Bhaji I have ever made. Thanks a lot for sharing this.
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Hi, I just stumbled on this video while looking for Pav Bhaji receipe on internet.. I always make at home but it never tastes like "Mumbai Bhaaji", I tried this version and yummy... my husband kept licking his fingers...We are in US so really miss Indian Street food. Please keep posting such good receipies and yes from authentic street food sources only!
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Thnx a tonn Vikas bro .. it simply tastes wonderful and we have changed our recipe in house since the day we saw this video ..
Kajal's picture
WOW!!!!!!!! I loved it thank! and my husband says "this is the best pav bhaji i ever made." :)
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Fabulous vedio...well edited n narrated...good job
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Wow!Many of my friends and family like my pav bhaji but when I followed the recipe of this video.............Out of this world. I felt I'm standing on Juhu beach having my favorite pav bhaji. When you going to post more videos like this. YE DIL MANGE MORE!!!!
khau.khan's picture
wow this recipe/video of pav bhaji has definitely had some fan following ! go vikas - btw folks you may have seen the host of the video in the latest yash raj series, powder.
vikas.kumar's picture
it's actually amazing. this video here, and also posted in the recipe section, has got quite a response. as one can read in the comments, almost everyone says that it's the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC pav bhaji they've ever had.
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Gooooooooood Job Vikas..........!!
Anonymous's picture
cool vikas, i have been to the same stall wid my frnds, it really taste
Priyamwadaveera.Vasantgadkar's picture
ummm.. me missing this.
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i hv made pavbhaji umpteen times but never turned out the way i cooked the other day following step by step instructions presented here in this video it was simply relished by everybody and loved by my ma in law who herself is a gr8 cook .thanks once again to hve made this video.
How Pav Bhaji Is Made At A Stall At Juhu Chowpatty In Mumbai Video, Pav Bhaji Recipe