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Betty's Trip to Boone Tavern for Lunch

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In this video, Betty and Rick have lunch at Boone Tavern Restaurant in Berea, Kentucky. Boone Tavern Restaurant is owned by Berea College, and many of the workers at the restaurant are students at the college. The college began in the 1800's, accepting promising students, but charging no tuition or cost for room and board. To make up for this financial assistance, each student works up to ten hours per week at one of the 130 or so jobs at the college, some of which are at the restaurant. The restaurant itself was built in 1909, and has been in operation ever since, except for closing down for renovations a few times over the years. This restaurant is quite historic and has been visited by many famous people, from President Calvin Coolidge to the Dalai Lama, and many poets, like Robert Frost, and businessmen, like Henry Ford.
Rick and I have had meals at Boone Tavern many times over the years, since it is only about one-half hour's drive from our home. We had an evening meal last fall that we featured in bettyskitchen. This time we decided to show what lunch is like at Boone Tavern. The menu is shorter and the items are lighter, in general. Spoonbread is served with all lunch and dinner meals, and Boone Tavern is quite famous for their spoonbread.
Rick and I began with hot spoonbread with butter. I then ordered a pimiento cheese-topped hamburger with loaded baked potato salad and iced tea, while Rick chose the fried catfish dinner, which came with French fries,coleslaw, hush puppies, tartar sauce, ketchup and a soft drink. For dessert, I ordered a Four-Fruit Cobbler, the fruits being blackberries, cherries, peaches, and strawberries. I had coffee with cream, but Rick decided to skip the dessert. I will be making one of the items for you in bettyskitchen soon.
After a pleasant, leisurely meal, we headed back to Richmond. We always enjoy spending time at Boone Tavern and hope that you enjoy this little field trip, too! If you are ever in Kentucky, Boone Tavern is a memorable place to visit! --Betty

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Betty's Trip To Boone Tavern For Lunch Video