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Does Vanity Nightclub Have America's Best Restroom?

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Vanity Nightclub

It is not often that one thinks of a restroom and a nightclub in the same breath. However, for people who frequent a night club, the importance of a restroom cannot be undermined, whether it is for touching up that make up, to puke in privacy, or to get a moment alone with your partner. If you want to do all this in style and comfort, head to the Vanity Nightclub.


Though, it is not announced yet, it is likely that this joint will receive the title of the best restroom in America for its $1.2 million bathroom. Located inside the Hard Rock Hotel, the nightclub has already been awarded the title of most luxurious loo in Sin City by the Travel Channel.


At present, there are ten bathrooms from all over America, fighting the battle for the Cintas' "2012 America's Best Restroom Contest." By far, Vanity has the brightest chance of winning because of its 2,000-square-foot bathroom. There are flat-screen televisions over urinals, faux reptile-skin on the walls, 11 stalls, six sinks fitted with gold-plated bath accessories, vanity stations with red velvet cushions, curtains with gold lace and a $40,000 chandelier.


If you are already eager to know the result, visit to know the outcome on October 26, 2012.


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Does Vanity Nightclub Have America's Best Restroom?