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Having High Tea On Top Of The World

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High tea restaurant

Looking for a venue for your next high tea? How about a restaurant 10,000ft up in the mountains? Let's go up into the Austrian Alps, atop the Pitztal glacier, and enjoy the breathtaking view along with a hot cup of tea. The new restaurant has taken the world by storm and people with the means and intention for adventure are heading towards this restaurant.



Restaurant ‘3440’


If you intrigued by the unusual name of this restaurant, be informed that the eatery is situated at an altitude of 3440 metres, that is why the name. Located atop the Wildspitze mountain, the restaurant project is going to cost £20million. Marketing Manager Stefan Richter says, “It’s going to be breathtaking with amazing views. It will be called ‘3440’.” He also informed that the restaurant would be thrown open in winter, just in time for the skiing season and visitors will have to take a ski lift to get to the restaurant. The ski lift is also being put in place for the project to be opened on time.



The Panoramic View


For an unparalleled view of Wildspitze, the highest mountain of Tyrol, go to this restaurant. In addition to that, there is also a breathtaking scenery from the surrounding 3000-meter peaks of the Pitztal glacier. The glass frontage and a free-floating terrace complete the experience, which more than 100 people can enjoy at a time.



Get Tipsy Too


Well, there is no danger in getting tipsy on top of this mountain because you will be doing so in the safety of the restaurant. For that, an outside bar, kept open till the ski lift operations are on for the day, will be kept at your disposal. Richter also assures that despite being located at 3440 meters, the prices at the restaurant will be kept minimum.


In June this year, guests were treated to a meal 50 metres in the sky in Brussells but this restaurant is inviting you much higher. When people are looking for that perfect spot to enjoy a day or two in the winter sun, the 3440 café will provide the perfect backdrop to their skiing experience. And to be able to enjoy all this without burning a hole in your pocket, there is nothing like that, right?


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Having High Tea On Top Of The World