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Mishkin’s Mix Leaves London Diners Confused

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Mishkin'sAt the first look, Mishkin’s at London’s Covent Garden may look like a regular London joint, at par with other establishments like Polpo, Polpetto, Da Polpo, and Spuntino. However, on second thoughts, the Mishkin’s mix leaves London diners confused, sometimes irritated too because of its unconventional menu, which is mostly a pot pourri of various cuisines or cooking methods. That doesn’t mean that the patrons are not making a beeline for this restaurant. While Mishkin’s is no different from other London foodie haunts in terms of low prices, cool looks, and high footfall, the difference is in the food served here. The credit for this goes to Russell Norman, often called the King of the “recession restaurant.”


1) Mishkin’s Secret


This restaurant is the latest in a line of restaurants in Norman’s Soho/Covent Garden empire. The restaurant doesn’t deviate in terms of several features associated with its predecessors, like the counter dining, plate sharing, and a bare-brick vibe straight out of Lower Manhattan. However, secret of Mishkin’s success lies in its menu, which has a clearer sense of purpose in comparison to the other similar restaurants.


2) Mishkin’s Menu Russell Norman


You can have your pick from among meatballs, sandwiches, brunches, or the All Day Supper section. The portions are quite large and, therefore, there is no need to order the whole lot. Regulars at Mishkin’s recommend the restaurant’s schmaltzed radish on toasted sourdough, duck hash, cod cheek popcorn, and, last but not the least, the Meat Loaf, which has, surprise surprise, a runny egg inside. For desserts you may want to go for the Bananas Foster, which is bananas flambéed in rum along with toffee sauce but that is not your only choice at Mishkin’s, where the food is aplenty and so are the choices.


3) What’s the Confusion About?


The Mishkin’s menu features dishes with Jewish influence, e.g., latkes, apple sauce & sour cream, smoked eel, and Whitefish & spinach knish with parsley liquor along with pork chops, three types of meatballs, macaroni and cheese, etc. This eclectic mix prompts diners into asking is it the overall menu or what? To top that, by mid-evening, the restaurant turns down its lights and turns up the music volume, leaving the not-so-teenager diners disoriented as a result of which, they cannot read the menu properly, which only adds up to the confusion between the lines.


Confusing or not, the Mishkin’s is a place to visit at least once with your friends. If you have already visited it, do let us know what you think of it.


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Mishkin’s Mix Leaves London Diners Confused