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Decoration of Ice Cream Parlor

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  • Create a welcoming sign for your guests, saying “Ice Cream Parlor.” Or make it more personalized with someone’s first name. Use balloons by bunching them together to create an ice cream cone, use brown colored balloons for the cone and different colors for the different flavors of ice cream. Have extra balloons around the party area, tie a few balloons to the back of chairs and maybe some balloons on the ground as well.


Table Decorations


  • Find some old-fashioned ice cream music and play it to set the scene. At first, it may appear that the music is just for background noise, but once the ice cream social gets going, the music will become more noticeable and enjoyed by all ages. If you own an old record player, this would be a good time to bring it out.

The Ice Cream Table

  • You can either purchase store-bought ice cream or make your own. To make it feel more like an old fashioned ice cream social, purchase metal buckets that have airtight lids and scoop the ice cream into those. Put the buckets on ice for the social. Also, put out different toppi ngs and mix-ins for the ice cream, such as nuts, brownies and sprinkles.



    Display of equipment:  Equipment (pasteurizer + batch freezer + blast freezer) be located to the place which is convenient to make ice cream(easy to Connecting water and electricity). 

    And show the display showcase in prominent position and better 

    with your own logo and ice cream picture.  


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Decoration Of Ice Cream Parlor