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Donatos Pizza Menu - Pizzas, Subs, Salads

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The Donatos Pizza promises "To Serve The Best Pizza" and the Donatos Pizza Menu vouches for this fact. The pizzeria runs on the philosophy of treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated and this philosophy is the driving force of the restaurant. We are sure you would like to get familiar with this menu that is why we bring you this blog:


Donatos Pizza Menu



Your Choice of Crust


We all love pizza and just like everyone else, everybody is particular about the kind of crust he or she enjoys. The Donatos understand it better than anyone else, therefore, they offer you two choices of crusts, which are:

Thin & Thick Crust Pizza - A golden, crispy thin or thicker crust.

Hand Tossed Pizza - Tender, chewy, fresh-baked crust.


Signature Pizzas

After the crust come the toppings and believe us, you get your pizzas with toppings loaded from edge to edge. With that promise, Donatos offers you some of the choicest toppings:

Pepperoni - The whole America loves it

Serious Cheese - The more the merrier

The Works - For those who want a bit of everything

Vegy - For the health-conscious

Founder's Favorite - Worth a try




Frankly speaking, we can't understand why would anyone eat salad at a pizzeria. But it seems the Donatos takes every personal choice very seriously. Nothing else could explain the choices of salads on offer:

Entree Chicken Harvest Salad - Good all white meat chicken, red apples, honey roasted pecans, tart cranberries, blue cheese, etc.

Side Harvest Salad - To be enjoyed on the side, it contains red apples, honey roasted pecans, cranberries in a vinaigrette dressing.

Entree Italian Chef Salad - It has the works, pepperoni, ham, salami, provolone, roma tomatoes, hot peppers, romaine lettuce, and the dressing, of course.


Oven Baked Subs


The freshest of ingredients go into making these subs, which are served inside white or wheat hearth-baked rolls. You can choose from among the following:-

  1. Big Don Italian
  2. Big Don (with pizza sauce)
  3. Big Don Sausage Italian
  4. Big Don Sausage (with pizza sauce)
  5. Turkey Club
  6. Chicken Bacon Cheddar




The starters served at Donatos are just perfect to complement any mealtime. Just add any of the following to your meals and enjoy:

  • Breadsticks with pizza sauce
  • Breadsticks with nacho cheese sauce
  • 3 cheese garlic bread
  • Buffalo wings
  • Chicken breast strips
  • Wedge fries

The Donatos Pizza menu is a delicious way of dining out, simply because you can have it all your own way in very tasty ways.

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Donatos Pizza Menu - Pizzas, Subs, Salads