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Pizza Inn Menu - Food Made Your Way

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Pizza Inn is all about pizzas but the kind of food offered on the Pizza Inn Menu is proof of the fact that anything made with honest love and care is well-appreciated. Take a look for yourself:


Specialty Pizzas


The special pizzas served  on this menu are made fresh everyday with classic recipes, your favorite ingredients, and maximum cheese. The various toppings on offer are:-




Appetizers are the best way to start a meal as well as a conversation. The Pizza Inn Menu offers you a chance to start both at a good note with these choices:-

Please remember that all the appetizers are served with any of these sauces:- Wild Ranch, Marinara, or Buttery Garlic.



Our Buffet


The buffet offered at the Pizza Inn restaurant is all encompassing. Right from signature combinations like the bacon cheeseburger and chicken fajita pizzas to pastas, and desserts, you will get to eat everything on this buffet. What's more! if you want something not on offer, just tell the chef and you can have it. Aren't you glee?


Salad Bar


With a world obsessed with everything healthy, salads are the next best option to being hungry while dining out. The Pizza Inn understands your predicament, therefore, salads are offered as not just a side dish but a full meal in itself.




We know there is a sweet tooth lying there inside your mouth! Therefore, we could not end this article without discussing the dessert section of the Pizza Inn Menu, which boasts of serving world's first and only Pizzert, or dessert pizza. You can even savor the delicious Cinnamon Stromboli, a different Italian treat.

All in all, this menu is a wonderful occasion to take your family out to dine on pizzas and savor some good time.


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Pizza Inn Menu - Food Made Your Way