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Specialty Pastries and Cake from La Gulli

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Event:The Cuisine of Queens
Organizers: Frances Grace, Publisher Dish Du Jour Magazine

Watch Frankie the Butcher talk about La Guli

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Cassata Ice-Cream From La Guli Bakery - An Overview
The Cuisine of Queens event, held on May 22nd 2007, was a big hit amongst the food lovers. In the event, Cassata Ice-Cream was served from the La Guli Bakery and it was tagged as one of best dishes of the event. If you want to know more about the bakery and ice-cream in the bakery, don't miss the video!

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u appear to be food expert. do u cook n real life or u are just a movie chef?
Specialty Pastries And Cake From La Gulli Video, Cassata Ice-Cream From La Guli Bakery - An Overview