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Chili's Menu

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Chili’s is a fun-filled burger joint, set up way back in 1975 in Dallas and the Chili’s Menu contributes to the joint’s existence, characterized by great food, warm hospitality and community spirit. Since 1975, the restaurant has grown to have presence all over the world and with that has grown the Chili’s Menu.


Some Chili’s Menu trivia:

  • While promoting the opening of its first Atlanta location in 1981, Chili's offered 25-cent margaritas. The bar couldn't make margaritas fast enough!
  • Chili's served only Schlitz beer during its first few years. This was because Schlitz was the only company that would give credit to an up- and- coming small business.
  • In line with a longstanding tradition, every Chili's restaurant hangs one dining room photo upside down.

In case you want to visit one of the Chili’s restaurants near by one of these days, you can go prepared because we bring you a glimpse of the Chili’s menu to stay informed.


Appetizers on Chili’s menu


Fried Cheese

This dish will want you to go back to the Chili’s for one more time, it is so delicious.

Tostada Chips & Salsa 

This finger-licking side dish will have you addicted in minutes.

Chicken Fajitas

This side dish is a meal in itself and will not disappoint you.

Bowl Of Chili

This bowl of chilli is a satisfying meal in itself and what’s more, it has more meat and very little beans so you get your money’s worth.

Classic Turkey Toasted Sandwich

If you try this dish once, you will remain loyal to it for the rest of your visits to the Chili’s restaurant.


Over-The-Top Cobb Salad

This garden salad works as a main dish as well as a combo too.

Boneless Buffalo Wings

An ideal choice for a friendly evening out with friends or colleagues.

Loaded Potato Skins

You can safely pick this menu item while taking out your family for an early dinner out.

Classic Nachos

For a fun-filled evening with kids in the family, nachos is the classic choice.


Half Order on Chili’s Menu



This classic dish finds its way on to the Chili’s menu to entice you with its simplicity.


Sandwiches on Chili’s Menu


California Club Toasted Sandwich

This sandwich combines the Californian flavors of turkey, ham, applewood smoked bacon, avocado and seasoned mayo on a wheat Texas toast.

Grilled Ham & Swiss Toasted Sandwich

Tomatoes and seasoned mayo atop white Texas toast would make an ideal breakfast item.

BBQ Pulled Pork

With coleslaw and BBQ sauce on the side, you cannot go wrong while ordering this dish.

Santa Fe Chicken Wrap

Santa Fe Chicken Wrap comes loaded with corn, tortilla strips, cheddar cheese, avocado, etc.


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