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The Fatburger Restaurant Review

It does not only have Fat in the food it serves, but everything it markets. We are talking about the Fatburger Restaurant. It is all about the food you eat, according to them and in this case the size definitely matters. Let us take a look at the Fatburger Restaurant Review that follows to get an idea about the Big, Fat Burger.



Story of the Big Fatburger

The first Fatburger was opened in 1952 by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles, California and named as Mr. Fatburger back then. Currently the owner company; The Fog Cutter Capital Group has expanded the restaurant chain to across 95 locations across the world including Asia, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. It also franchises 93 hamburger stands across America.


Interesting Facts about FatBurger

  • It is interesting to know that the menu at Fatburger’s offers hamburgers in all sizes like the small size called the Baby Fat, Medium sized Fatburger, Large sized Kingburger, XXL (Double King), and the XXXL (Triple King) weighing 24oz. One can also try out the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the TurkeyBurger. You can try out the add-ons as well. Some extra cheese, bacon, Chili, and egg could help spice things up a bit.
  • Meals called the Big Fat Deals can be a good option if you have been starving the whole day and are in a mood to munch your way into enormous amounts of food. One can take up the Small deal, the Medium deal, The Large deal, the Chicken deal, the Veggie deal or the Turkey deal, gorge the ample portions of burger and fries, and gulp it down with a drink. Sounds fulfilling!  
  • Fatburger’s is a good option if you are in a mood to take a drive-thru meal. They serve quickly and accurately as well.
  • The service is quite professional, courteous and friendly unlike the current trends in the fast food industry where the service is too fast to be noticed. You get a comfortable ‘sit-down’ restaurant feel in a fast food restaurant, what more can one ask for?
  • You can choose between the fat and the skinny fries. The fat fries are the thicker and greasier alternatives and for those who like it slim can opt for the skinny fries.
  • The fast food junkie in you would love the fries, the shake and of course the burger but the prices are pretty high. One could opt for better choices in the same price range at other diners. The restaurant is not bad but a little overrated when it comes to the prices.
  • At a few locations like the Fatburger’s in Nevada, the restaurant needs to be renovated. The ambience is barely tolerable and so are the facilities like the toilets. Cleanliness is one factor which has seriously been underestimated at that place. Though you could get a view of how your food is getting cooked in the open kitchen, which some people are fond of; it might not be liked by all.


The Fatburger is one of those laid back places where you could barge into, on one of the free evenings when you feel like letting your hair down. The blaring rock music, the well-cooked burgers, and a chit-chat with friends may be a good idea on such occasions!  


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The Fatburger Restaurant Review