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Top Restaurants In Hobart

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Here you can find list of top restaurants in Hobart city located in Lake County, Indiana, US.  Hobart is filled with malls and many restaurants that serve variety of cuisines like Mexican, Italian, and International. Besides enjoying boating and fishing, which are the popular activities in Hobart, you can have a wonderful dining experience in the top restaurants in Hobart.


San Pedro’s


It is one of the top restaurants in Hobart that serve good Mexican food.  This family style restaurant is the favorite for many local people and also attracts lots of visitors from outside. The nominal price and the good quality food is the reason for its popularity.


Lincolns Carry Out


You would get addicted to the deli sandwiches and ham sub served in this place. If you plan to stay in the city for long, try out everything on the menu and the fabulous taste would never disappoint you.


New Hong Kong Restaurant


Among top restaurants in Hobart, Kong is best place to eat Chinese cuisine. The food is great and the generous portions keep your plate full. The neat and comfy atmosphere can accommodate couples, small and large families. Peter, who owns this restaurant, makes you feel important whenever you visit the place. I bet they serve the best fried rice and egg roll in Hobart. Visit them to taste the Chinese delicacies.


Jim Dandy’s Diner


This is one among top restaurants in Hobart that have received excellent reviews. Cheese fries, tasty Irish Nachos, and Olive Swiss burger are great here. Perfectly cooked food, neat and clean place, attentive staffs, and reasonable price make everyone to revisit this restaurant.


54 Main Bistro


Executive Chef Scot Hinkel is very creative in preparing the dishes. Island monk fish proves this, which is served with honey cilantro glaze and pork belly fried rice. Though it seems to be pricey, the menu is quite interesting.


You and your family can have good time in the top restaurants in Hobart. You can access wide range of working class and family restaurants to fulfill your gastronomic needs as per your budget.


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Top Restaurants In Hobart