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Top Restaurants In Worcester

Worcester's top restaurantsA place so live  with its glorious past…Worcester(of Worcestshire, Midlands) presents itself as  traveler’s memorabilia and tripping through the top restaurants in Worcester will entreat your senses to the ultimate feast on earth!


In addition, Worcester also prides itself for its classic Victorian touch in some quarters, which beautifully “spires” up to the modern-age lifestyle. Walking through the trail; let’s hit upon the top restaurants in Worcester.


Worcester’s top restaurants

• The Glasshouse: If you want to enjoy Brasserie dining, the English way then this two-storey top restaurant in Worcester will serve the purpose. Smoked mackerel with celery, apple and walnut salad or Middle White pork brawn with piccalilli and toast are some of the specialties here. The signature dishes include sweetbreads with potato and olive cake and sautéed monkfish with mustard and cucumber sauce. Along with the cocktail bar with its high-spirited fizz which is sure to make you swirl and twirl.

 Brown’s restaurant: With many awards to its credit, Brown’s restaurant is undeniably one of the top restaurants in Worcester. The variations brought to the regular menu have added to the usual attraction with the soothing ambience espoused by a riverside view. A la carte dining options are also available with a cocktail bar serving you the right spirit before and after the 3-course dinner.

• ASK-Worcester: Ideal for both individual and family dining, snacking and dining, ASK-Worcester is famous for the pizza and pasta served on platter. The food here is claimed to employ the freshest of ingredients to render absolute quality and the ambience is stylish and comfortable making it one cozy dining experience. This top restaurant in Worcester is located at 8-9 Crown Passage, Worcester, WR1 3LL.

• The Swan: Locally known as the “Pub with Food”, the dishes here feature modern British cuisine with myriad variations bound to please the young and the old. Apart from the soothing ambience which ideally makes every visitor to this place unwind, the restaurant is children-friendly as well (with a special menu for the little ones) with an exclusive play area on its premises. No wonder, the Swan is one of the top restaurants in Worcester located at Whittington, Worcester, WR5 2RL.

Here is a place which is live with its glorious past and as the classicism and the Neo blend for a unique confluence; walk down the memory lane on high octane – fuelled by the food for the top restaurants in Worcester.


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Top Restaurants In Worcester