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Top Restaurants In Durban

Durban restaurantBasking in the extensive beaches of one of the largest cities of South Africa can send the hunger pangs shooting to new heights and a look-up on the top restaurants in Durban can restore the soul and spirit to their rightful place.

Durban’s top restaurants

•    9th avenues Bistro and bar: The restaurant shimmers with numerous awards apart from standing tall for being voted as one of the top 10 restaurants in South Africa. Here, the seasonal menu boasts of a classical touch to the modern-day fare with creativity on a platter sure to please the palate. The pepper-seared tuna sashimi, candied pecans and shaved parmigiano; or going to the mains, the crispy roasted free-range duck served on a gingered sweet potato and butternut mash, with grilled asparagus and cinnamon-orange demi, is a must-try. The range of wines are simply extensive to go with the Menu-platter and what’s more you bask in the warmth rendered by an elegant yet exquisite ambience rendered by one of the top restaurants in Durban.

•    A Cabana Portuguese restaurant: Want a bit of Portugal in South Africa? Don’t feel deserted because here is a top restaurant in Durban, which serves authentic Portuguese cuisine. Grilled Portuguese sardines traditionally grilled and served with chicken with garlic, wine and peri-peri sauce for the starter and the prawns a cabana for the main with the classic Portuguese pasteis de nata for a dessert will leave you craving for more. The dishes exotica and the exquisite overview offered by Durban’s top restaurant situated in the glenwood shopping center with a vivid ambience, is reason enough for any tourist to explore.

•    African Peninsula Restaurant: The oceanic view and the African feel permeating into the food you eat at African Peninsula restaurant will hold you in sway(apart from the cool breeze). Get served on a banana leaf with plump mussels in cream or spicy lamb chops served with garlic ‘n’ lemon rice. Wrap this up with malva pudding for a dessert or silk coffee or cooling don pedro at this top restaurant in Durban, which envelopes the African essence in a ‘sea-shell’, with its tropical ambience.

•    AL63: An ace for Italian food and therefore one of the top restaurants in Durban, AL63 offers an ambience with alfresco dining option to enjoy the sea-view and the vibrant spirit associated with it. Wines are both Italian and local and there are champagnes to celebrate every occasion. To jazz it up, there are regular wine dinners and jazz evenings for those who come to dine in with a song on their lips and a spring in their steps.

•    Allen Gardiner Harbor Cruise Restaurant: Enjoy a culinary cruise along a cruise in the Durban harbor with breathtaking views complemented by exotic cuisine. The American style brunch,  and the classic English 3-course brunch along with the a la carte lunch and candlelit dinner, takes you meandering along the waters, with the right spirit to gush down the tastefully designed menu- A topping way to enjoy your experience in South Africa with this top restaurant in Durban.

The above list of top restaurants in Durban will help you enjoy the ethnic and the cosmopolitan culinary culture of the city along a beach-lined landscape, with much of fun and frolic of the bouncy waves and the sea-blue to soothe the tired spirit to slumber!

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Top Restaurants In Durban