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Top Restaurants In Derby

The Fat CatLet us go cantering to the top restaurants in Derby before you switch over to the racecourse to  cheer, roar and well “sweep your stakes”. After all you will need all the energy for it considering that Derby started it all; but let us give some thought for food in this happening cosmopolitan city, which rests on the river Derwent.

Derby’s top restaurants

The European Restaurant:

22 Iron Gate, Derby, Derbyshire. DE1 3GP.

Here the classic England revives with the restaurant housed in a 17th century building. But wait, you aren’t dating back to old times but the years of experience that go into making the chef’s expertise which has made the bistro deliver the best of European cuisine in the way of fillet steak, Rigatoni alla Spagnola etc with a lounge to unwind post a filling dinner.

Old Orleans:

Pride Parkway, Derby, Derbyshire. DE24 8SQ.

Featuring classic south American cuisine bearing Louisiana’s culinary heritage, the top restaurant in Derby located in Pride Parkway, offers dishes which represent both Louisiana and Cajun recipes in the way of Jambalay and Gumbo and other popular Southern dishes. From the starters to the main course specialty, which include voodoo wings, Bourbon ribs, the Old Orleans signature stands out from the rest at Pride Parkway.

Nicky’s Lounge:

26 Osmaston Road, Derby, Derbyshire. DE1 2HR

If you are seeking authentically Greek cuisine in the heart of Derby, Nicky’s Lounge as one of the top restaurants in Derby, is the place for you, because here is a comfort zone with great food, which come into life from both Greek and European cuisine. Lobster Thermidore or Grilled Crevettes wrapped in bacon or the mezze dishes, there is every reason that you might forget your table manners and put your ‘snout in the trough’ but of course there is a place to settle down – the lounge where you can fondly reminisce your gastronomic experience. 

Fat Cat

Friar Gate, Derby, and Derbyshire. DE1 1DJ

Amidst the hub of the bustling city, on the premise of Cathedral quarter, Fat cat is one of the top restaurants in Derby and that is but obvious. Not only for the panoramic view of the city the restaurant offers but also the menu which come in a wide range of both vegetarian(braised red cabbage) and non vegetarian (Duck leg confit) styled in British and European cuisine, which come at an affordable price That’s not all. The lounge above the dining room, comes live with a heady mix of cocktails that would simply leave you swirling to the DJ’s beats (on Saturday nights). 

Eden gardens restaurants

1 Queen Street, Derby, Derbyshire. DE1 3DJ.

Just as Adam couldn’t resist the apple in the garden of Eden, no man can resist the temptation of the Indian cuisine  presented in this top derby restaurant – Eden gardens restaurant. With its beckoning ambience and a luxurious menu fare featuring the classic Indian (Chicken tikka masala) not excluding the popular British dishes, there is the spirit of Eden with its lavish bar and a piano in the dining room’s rear to spell the musical order of the day. 

Whether you enjoy your ride ‘along the race course’ or not, do not forgo the spirit to savor the culinary specialty of the city, as the top restaurants in Derby clearly accentuates it!

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Top Restaurants In Derby