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Top Restaurants In Bellevue

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top restaurants in BellevueThere are plenty of restaurants in Bellevue, but to eat well visit the top restaurants in Bellevue listed below. Check out reasonable places like Chace’s Pancake Corral or expensive eateries like the Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Bellevue restaurants also offer variety of cuisines for its guests. Visitors can head to Mediterranean Kitchen for Lebanese dishes or to Hunan Garden for Asian fare.







Good Restaurants in Bellevue


Chace’s Pancake Corral

1606 Bellevue Way SE

Cuisine – American


Located 1 mile south of Bellevue Square, this place is  one of the best for a down home breakfast. Scrumptious pancakes, sandwiches and burgers are regular fare here. The choice of ten pancakes for breakfast can confuse even the most tuned diner too. The specialty of the house is the Joe Adam’s Assortment that has buttermilk, potato, buckwheat, and strawberry flapjacks.



Ruth’s Chris Steak House

565 Bellevue Sq

Cuisine – American


Visit this classy restaurant on special occasions. Prime beef is the signature dish tof this steak house. Soft, rich carpets welcome guests into private rooms where they can enjoy signature meats cooked using ‘cooked from top down’ technique. Other specialties include gulf shrimp in creole remoulade sauce and French fried onion rings. Do not miss the luscious chocolate praline encore or the chocolate chunk bread pudding for dessert.



Mediterranean Kitchen

103 Bellevue Way NE

Cuisine – Lebanese, Middle Eastern


Enjoy delicious Lebanese cuisine while here. Fresh spices and lots of garlic make dishes here truly flavorful and mouthwatering. Try the lamb couscous, garbanzo beans, Algerian chicken with cilantro and Farmer’s Dish which is a garlicky chicken appetizer. The ambiance is bright and dramatic with green walls and lacy curtains.




11814 8th St NE

Cuisine – Asian Chinese


Tuck into authentic Chinese cuisine here. Enhance your culinary experience with delicious dishes such as stir-fried chicken with mango, vegetarian Buddha’s Delight etc. a typical lunch here would involve appetizer, soup, rice, tea and a fortune cookie.



Mayuri Indian Cuisine

15400 20th St NE

Cuisine – Indian, Vegetarian


The mouthwatering lunch here is very popular and brings in the crowds. Served in buffet style, it includes Indian vegetarian dishes like vegetable curry, pakoras, freshly baked naan etc. There are combination meals too that allow guests to eat something familiar with something new and innovative.



Top restaurants in Bellevue are a class apart and cater to guests from across the globe. They serve international as well as local cuisine with the same fervor. Creative chefs and excellent service ensure visitors' optimum satisfaction for culinery delight.


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Top Restaurants In Bellevue