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Top Restaurants In Cairo

Cairo's top restaurantsAmidst the majestic pyramids down to the dunes,  old-time classics meeting the new-age wonders, Cairo represents it all , our list of top restaurants in Cairo will quench your thirst and hunger to seek more in this land where every intrepid explorer has etched a mark for himself in the sands of time.



Cairo's top restaurants


If you want to enjoy tasty Lebanese food, in a relaxing soothing ambience then Cedars is a place for you to unwind. Grilled lamb and shish tawouk are the specialties offered here. So breathe in the food, the flavor and the culture at 42 Geziret Al Arab St, Cairo.


Don quichotte:

Get a feel of the continental and perhaps the French at Don quichotte located in Cairo’s urbanscape. The romantic air is what this restaurant sports with its French specialties and the lamb stewed in eggplant is bound to hold the visitor in sway- must for the passionate foodie who wishes to revel with his partner at  Don quichotte- one of Cairo’s  top restaurants at 9A Ahmed Hashmet Cairo.


El Sid: 

Traditional Egyptian cuisine awaits you here with its breathtaking ambience greeting with an imposing arched doorway down to the tiled floor and the exquisite wooden carvings. Entreat yourself to the chef’s culinary skills which simply extemporize as a specialty of the day.


A top restaurant in the heart of Cairo, spectra represents fusion of the east-west and classic-modern. The dining experience can be defined as largesse because the restaurant associates with the region’s hospitality and spreads it far and wide with the “unlimited factor” from its starters, the wraps and of course the King-size salads. You can safely indulge and lunch like  king Tutankhamun at spectra located at 3 Qanat El Suez St. off Gamaet el Dowal El Arabia St.

Lai Thai:

If you are an avid lover of Thai food and do not want those hunger-strikes to go unappeased (due to the craving for the Thai) then Lai Thai is the destination for you. Authentic Thai food is what you get here which makes this a top restaurant in Cairo serving Thai cuisine and do not forget to try the pad Thai specialty (noodles with bean sprouts and nuts).


The above top restaurants in Cairo is sure to satisfy your wanderlust and spring you up from more exploring in the ancient land of Egypt throbbing with life, to tell historical tales that are as palpable as real.

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Top Restaurants In Cairo