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Top Indian restaurnts in Los Angeles

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DosaBe it the charred yet juicy tandoori dishes from North India or spicy an vegetarian dishes from South India, Top Indian restaurants in Los Angeles are doing their wonderful bit in restoring the spice in life of people in glam city. While you watch Hollywood from close quarters, you may treat yourself with Indian spicy food for that Bollywood feel.


Paru’s Indian vegetarian restaurants

5140 Sunset Boulevard

It’s amazing to see the popularity of the restaurants not only among vegetarians but also non-vegetarians, who frequent the place for that dose of spice in their life. Find some of the tastiest, south Indian food at Paru’s, who picks the traditional and genuine cooking method from South Indian kitchen and blends it perfectly with fresh local ingredients to bring out that perfect aroma and taste of South Indian fares found in India. However, the menu also features some of the most popular North Indian cuisines too. Dosa (lentil and rice crepes), vadai (spicy lentil doughnuts), utthpam (soft and spicy South Indian pizza) and much more are available at amazing low rates. The combination of price and food makes this restaurant the first choice of every Indian food lover.

Akbar Cuisine of India

2627 Wilshire BoulevardTandoori fish

While the non-vegetarians can relish Chicken Tikka Masala and Tandoori lamb, the vegetarians can savor the authentic North Indian taste of saag paneer (spinach with cottage cheese). At Akbar Cuisine of India, it’s strictly about the spice and aroma, which not only brings you some really good taste on your platter but also gives a glimpse of royal Indian dining table in medieval era. So give that royal treat to your taste-buds here. If not to hungry, you may also try kathi rolls. The quantity is generous and the place apt for friends get-together or family union.

Crown of India

6755 Santo Monica Boulevard

North and South Indian Curries, an array of tandoori food items and regional cuisines from various pockets of India, all converge into the menu of Crown of India. You may savor the street-side Indian junk while you special gourmet food is being cooked for you. Also expect some innovative food like Tofu Saag or Tofu Curry. The prices are moderate and taste is great. The variety of curries and sauces are immense.

Star of India

7212 Melrose Avenue

Lunch buffets, or tandoori lunch for two at a mouth watering price is just one of the attraction at Star of India. So indulge in haute Indian cuisine and see the difference that Indian spice makes to your favorite food like seafood, vegetable, meat or tofu. Various Biryanis are a must-try in the restaurant and also one of the dishes from the royal Mughal kitchen. Prices are moderate and quantity served is good.

Red hot curries, puffy breads, aromatic South-Indian dishes, juicy and spicy tandoori food and a whole gamut of delectable desserts await food lovers at these top Indian restaurants in Los Angeles and you also have an idea about the price now. 

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Top Indian Restaurnts In Los Angeles